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Rate My Workout Routine?

i am new in T Nation forums. so is my routine any good for strength and muscles? its a workout which i can do at home. the gym here is very limiting and traditional.(bangladesh)
its almost all bodyweight dependent.

Upper body day:
Pull ups 3/4 sets(8/7/6/4)
Inverted rows 3 sets
Dips 3 sets
Weighted push ups 3 sets

Lower body day:
Bulgarian squats with bodyweight 3sets
One legged calf raises 3 sets
One legged squats
(and are one leggeged squats bad for knees?)

thank you.

What equipment do you have access to?

You could definitely up the amount of sets you do per bodypart.

i don’t.
i use the edge of wall over the door frame for pullups.
backpack w books for weighteed pushupss.
two chairs for dips
and i stick a cricket stump in between chairs for inverted rows