Rate My Workout Plan

I have access to to pull up bar dips bar and a barbell and a rack kinda to do squats and overhead press

Rate my workout give me advice

Workout A

  • Squats
  • Dips
  • Pull-ups
  • Overhead press
  • Bicep curls
  • Press ups

Workout B

  • Lunges
  • Dips
  • chin-ups
  • Overhead press
  • press ups
  • Bicep curls

Full body 3 X a week
8 to 10 reps
3 sets

What goal are you training for?

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I am currently 52 kg was 59kg before I was ill and would like to bulk up and build strength along the way with a side goal to be able to do pull ups and chin ups I can currently do 2

I think your exercise choices are fine. I would suggest more focus, and not emphasize something like the curl the same way you would, say, a squat or OHP.

For example, I would consider doing the following at the “main strength work” that you focus on progressing at using 531 percentages or similar:

Overhead press

Then, after the main strength work, use the following as an assistance circuit, aiming for a total rep count:


An example would be to do reps of 5 with the main strength work (adding weight to chins/pull ups when you’re strong enough). Something like the good ol’ 5x5. Can be done as a circuit or straight sets.

Then, move on to the assistance moves. Don’t fret over the weights used, but just hit a total rep count. Move up in weight when it get easier. Your total effort here won’t be as great as the main strength work, which is how it’s supposed to be.


50 curls (any variation)
50 dips (or press ups)
50 lunges

These are good goals and are smarter than most beginners typically set. Are you able to do deadlifts in your gym space? May not be a bad idea to swap them out for lunges.

On another note, it would probably work out a lot better for you in the long run if you chose a well-tested program written by a respected pro in the industry. There’s a lot of good ones on T-nation. Link to my favorite below:

I would do Super Squats, given your equipment.

Why is every beginner on here lately allergic to any posterior chain work? Sheesh. Good luck with your chronic knee pain in a few months. Hey, at least you’re hitting the curls 3x a week!


I don’t see deadlifts in there and that sticks out like a sore thumb IMO.

I think changing this to be more of a push/pull routine would work well. Reason is that you are double-tapping some really minor exercises and I think you will be gaining strength in an unbalanced way.

I suggest having powerlifts in a 5x5 type set/rep scheme rather than 3x8-12. Doesnt have to be 5x5, but you’re most people struggle with heavy weight exercises for high reps (except @T3hPwnisher, but he’s a different animal!).


I want to dona full body workout

I am not doing 50 curls lol :joy: I will end up using a 1kg weight the aim is to grow.muscle and build strength

As for doing deadlifts I could do deadlifts and drop bicep curls because I am doing chin-ups

I appreciate all of your advice guys.

Again any advice on a beginner full body workouts is what I’m looking for I’m not looking to do it push-pull legs or some other type of workouts

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Gonna re-recommend Super Squats for exactly this. Beginner, full body, gets you big and strong.


I don’t have access to a bench press but super squats does sound interesting I will have a look.

I have tried to build my own program because I wanted to incorporate chin-ups and pull-ups as well as dips and I have limited equipment in my garden so any advice is great

I will look into super squats again if have exercises I can’t.do.o can’t do the workout.:muscle::+1:

Barbell squat rack pull-ups and chin up bars and dip bar is the equipment I have

You have the equipment to do super squats. Wherever you see bench, do dips.


Thanks bro :smile:

How do you go about creating a workout programme from the best compound exercises 3 days a week full body any tips

Bench press
Chin ups
Barbell row
Overhead press
Skull crushers

Bicep curls padded in curls for the girls

5/3/1 Jim Wendler

Or something like
-Horizontal work
-Vertical work
-Leg Work

Just search “routine” or “split” on T-Nation, the topic has been covered dozens of times

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Super Squats


Get someone with a proven track record of achieving the things you want to achieve to do it.

Find a coach with a track record of taking people from where you are now to where you want to be and follow their advice.

Check out a few of these articles for ideas.


Barbell prescription


  1. Lower Body
  2. Upper Push
  3. Upper Pull

80% of your results will come from performing an exercise from each of those categories, with intensity, 3x per week

Generally 3 x 6-10 is a good range. Could be heavier (3-6), could be lighter (10-15). Doesn’t really matter if you’re new to lifting