Rate My Workout for Bulking

Hi all. I will start by saying that I have been doing gym for 2 years, the period through which I have undergone a brutal training split. For a year I did bro split, then ppl made by me, with an extremely large volume that led me to overtraining and his symptoms.

Since April I have a bulk, because I have lost weight permanently, and, at the same time, I decided to change my training split.
Between June and August I held 5/3/1 BBB, but it seemed a small volume, compared to why we worked before. However, I gained about 6 kg and grew in strength. (bp 176 lbs; deadlift 308 lbs; ohp 100 lbs and squat 220 lbs).

But I read that hypertrophy can not be achieved with the number of small repetitions, like 3-5.
Thus, I tried to make a program of my own, which I would like to evaluate, for 4 days.

Day 1 & 3

A1-Bench press 4x10
A2-Lateral raise 4x10
B1-Incline DB press 4x10
B2- front raise 4x10
C1-Triceps 4x10 extension
C2- ab wheel 4x12

Day2 & 4

A1- Leg Press 4x10
A2-Standing calf raise 4x12
B1- Chin up 4x10
B2- leg 4x10 extension
C1- DB row 4x10
C2-biceps curl 4x10

A1 & A2, B1 & B2, C1 & C2 - supersets

Im bulking, so, any advice? Too much? Too little? Another better split for 4 days? I would like work every large muscle 2xweek.
I am waiting for your opinion.
All the best

Legs and back is usualy ill-advised because it’s too hard but well, if you can do it… Also there’s no posterior chain movement so you REALLY should throw in some hinging movement. Not a big fan personaly of bench + side/front delts.

So maybe something like

A1- Bench
A2- Row
B1- Incline bench
B2- Chins
C1- Triceps
C2- Biceps

A1- Leg press
A2- Romanian DL
B1- Leg extensions
B2- Leg curls
C1- Calves
C2- Abs

Also you can totally achieve hypertrophy with 5 reps or so… And totally on 5/3/1. Since you’ve been progressing with it, why change?

Thank you for your advice. I will definitely take note and take care of him. I saw a video of an influencer from my country, very intelligent and popular, who argued that optimal hypertrophy is between 6-12 repeats per set. At the same time, he proved this through studies.

Yes, higher rep ranges are optimal, but that doesn’t mean you cannot build muscle with 5 or less reps. especially in 5/3/1 where there’s a great flexibility in assistance work and you can choose higher rep ranges


3 sets of 6-12 and 6-12 sets of 3 reps is still 18-36 reps. Progressive overload, training however you enjoy training, eating, and not missing days for a decade are going to produce strength and size. Doing 3 sets of 12 or 12 sets of 3 on curls isn’t going to suddenly make you jacked. Doing 3 sets of 12 or 12 sets of 3 over the course of 10 years as a part of a thought out process mixed with eating to recover is.


?? It worked well for you so keep doing it! Look up Hardgainers or Beyond1.1 template even better than BBB



Given that you already achieved hypertrophy using small repetitions, wouldn’t the logical conclusion be to ignore the person who wrote what you read, rather than believe you somehow achieved some manner of physical alchemy?



Great post.

Pure gold, man. Pure gold.

^^ That term is only relevant to sheeple, is shite, and is in no way conjoined with

The Scientific Method, am I so old that this is not a thing?

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Hypertrophy can be gained at any rep range. Intensity and time under tension is always the most important aspect.

If you’re gaining, why stop what you’re doing?

Food and rest is how you gain. It’s not just the workout.


Yes, but why would you if hypertrophy is your goal? 10x3 can work but, will take a long ass time and can be brutal on connective tissue and joints.

How was it small volume in the first place? The routine you have listed actually looks like less work volume in comparison . looking at your log why were you running squats and deads on the same day? Does jim now have a different template? Im am only aware of doing like squats with the 5/3/1 progression and turning around and doing BBB as the supplement.

How so?
5/3/1 for say Bench would be

once a week.

He is doing:

Bench press 4x10
Incline DB press 4x10

twice a week

He has no posterior work though.

your over looking he has eliminated any OHP pressing in the new set up. Not to mention the elimination of a majority of bigger compound movements.

Yes but, for hypertrophy/aesthetics OHP is over rated. I personally do no OHP. He has laterals and front raises 2x a week. I would take out front raises or only do them 1x a week and do more lateral or rear delt work.

Just squats and DL. I would do squats but, there are better posterior exercises than DL.

Believe it or not… I agree with your statement.

With your help, I managed to outline a pretty good program, I think. I’ll attach two pictures. All the best.

at the same time, I apologize if there is a cause for conflict or something else.

No conflict… just friendly banter. at least I think.

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