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Trying to get some feed back but this web cam pic sucks any feed back good or bad is appriciated.


I Guess there is no substitue for a good didgital cam.



The other leg.
Well, the web Cam was only 29 bucks.
The pics do kinds suck.


Christ, that's a leg? Looks more like some sort of cocoon...


Which part of your leg is it?


You should put that web cam BACKintheBOX and return it.


Damn, I thought that was a chicken wing or something. Now I'm hungry...


THAT was funny.



Aren't they some shots from the latest space shuttle mission?


I honestly can't figure out what I'm looking at.


I think its supposed to be his calve.


it's his calves


They are pictures of his calves I think. Either that, or he has very strange quad development.


Really can't tell anything from those pictures. Sorry. Take some new ones.


I thought it was one of the bigfoot shots you see in the paper now and then..


Maybe it's 'Nessie.

"Look it's Bigfoot!"


I think I can sell that pic to the Enquirer for 500 bucks.


It might be a tumor


It's not a tooooomah!


Priceless :wink: