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Rate My W/O Please


Here is a plan i am doing to put on mass

-Monday chest/run 20 min
Bench 8X10
-Tuesday Legs/Abs
leg curls10X10
leg ext.3X10-12
calves 3X10-12
-Wednsday Back/run 20min
bent over barbel row10X10
lat pushdown10X10
T-bar row3X10-12
-Thursday Shoulders/Abs
military pres10X10
upright row10X10
front raises3x10-12
-Friday OFF
-Saterday Arms/Abs
barbel curl 10X10
skull crusher3X10-12
concentration curls3X10-12
-Sunday OFF


two answers
Is it working? 10
It is not working! 0


8 sets of 10? Am I reading this right? And then you go on to do more?

I rate this a nothing out of 10.

It's a terrible, terrible program. BUT. That's how you learn. So do it. And then you'll be that much closer to knowing what works for you and what doesn't.


That is a lot of sets for a lot of reps there bud. What kind of steroid program are you on? :stuck_out_tongue:


10x10 is used sparingly not for everything and it is a focus with perhaps some assistance work. Your focus is not on mass as I see that in 2 weeks you will crash and burn unless you have some chemical help which you would need to get through this type of "mass" program. Cut your 8x10 and 10x10 to 4x10 and see what happens and I would cut the arm work if you row and press enough the arms will grow, arm work can be added later if you see they are not getting the stimulus though it does happen to some that indirect work doesn't do the trick.


here is a new revamped work out, please give me your suggestions to make it better

-Monday chest/run 20 min
Bench 4X10-12
-Tuesday Legs/Abs
leg curls4X10
leg ext.4X10-12
calves 4X10-12
-Wednsday Back/run 20min
overhead pulldown4X10-12
bent over barbel row4X10-12
lat pushdown4X10-12
T-bar row4X10-12
-Thursday Shoulders/Abs
military pres4X10-12
arnold press 4X10-12
upright row4X10-12
front raise4X10-12
-Friday OFF
-Saterday Arms/Abs
skull crusher 4X10-12
dips 4X10-12
barbel curl 4X10-12
concentration curls4X10-12
forearms 4X10-12
-Sunday OFF


Looking better IMO. I would only caution to the amount of shoulder work. Arnold press can wreck havoc on the shoulder and not in a good way. Your front delts are taking a beating with the chest day so you may opt on the Arnold press, upright row and front raises instead of doing it all in one workout for recovery purposes.

I would do Deadlift first on back however see how it goes for some this works out just fine. Calves and forearms can be a pain to build up, 3 sets of 15-20 reps (for both) with a pause at the bottom and top for each rep (calves only) may be what can work for you, my calves grow with regular work so I thought I would just add this in case nothing happens for you.

In the end you may go with just what you have here so why not? After a couple of weeks you should know if it is working and if so keep at it, if not then consider what I wrote. Best of luck, now lift!


hi, so what do you mean by crash and burn? i have been doing the 10x10 workout for a couple of months now and it's working great. I was even doing it twice a day at one point. I am also using giant sets(or intervals?) where i move from set to set without rest or with a minimum of it and i am not taking any chemicals whatsoever.


Hi :slight_smile:
Are you doing the same volume as the OP? Including the running he placed in there? If your program is working why not post it for him?

I'm open to anything so maybe I'll learn something. I think for someone who is not experienced his workout may be too much and perhaps that is where I went wrong assuming he is inexperienced doesn't matter IMO I think for most and not all obviously because you say your routine works you will need exceptional recovery abilities to get through the OP's program as he first planned it.

Training is a progressive experiment on ourselves and that is why some things work for us and some don't. He could simply ignore all I have written, no matter he will find what works for him in the long run.


Don't run before lifting hard.
Separate cardio and strength sport at least by two meals.