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Rate My Ultimate Post-Workout Shake


Here is a protein shake i drink right after i wok out:
2 Scoops of whey protein
32 oz packet of gaterade
1 scoop of BCAA/Glutamine stack powder
- you got your fast digesting protein, your fast carbs, and a extra shot of BCAA plus glutamine, and it taste good as hell.


It's far from the "ultimate."

Switch to pure WPH if you want the protein to get to your muscle rapidly.

Likewise, you'd be better off using a combo of dextrose and maltodextrin for the carbs.

Without knowing how much BCAA you're getting, it's impossible to comment whether the dose is optimal.

To make life easier, and less expensive for me, I just use Surge. The chocolate flavor is incredible.

What you're doing is certainly better than nothing, though.


Yeah, what he said.


You need to read the book Nutrient Timing


Excellent book.


Ok. Heres a quick Q for you. If alcohol spikes insulin so well, and is absorbed faster than sugar, then why isn't beer and bcaas the ultimate pwo shake.


I don't think alcohol can be stored like carbs can, it has to be used as immediate energy, kind of like MCT's.


because alcohol lowers testosterone levels drastically for 24 hours.

Also, at least 10% of alcohol is pretty much guaranteed to be stored as bodyfat.


You see, Stone Cold 3:16 would probably argue in favor of egg whites to replace the BCAAs.


even if it is absorbed faster than sugar, it wouldn't replenish the much needed glycogen stores that carbs do


What about the whiskey-flavored Surge that's in the making?


jack and coke Surge! now that's an idea...


I heard TC is hoarding it all. . .


You bastards!!


So how long do they age the whiskey Surge? I've tried aging my protien shakes, but it never seems to turn out quite right? It smells a little funny.