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Rate my Sweet Gyno


Body fat has to be about 15-16% (highest since i was 23 and had knee surgery)

Training for about 10 years but until a couple years ago I actually trained properly.

Cycle history

1 Dbol only. No pct on deployment. Complete shutdown
3 years later. 500 mg test 12 weeks Clomid pct

Then I did 3 test/tren cycles. Ran stane on cycle and clomid/exemestane as pct . didn’t use hcg

Ok last cycle I did was botch city. Drank and ate like shit all summer. Was depressed and had no business on tren.

I went through a bad break up and went ape shit crazy on test e. Tren and superdrol.

I probably had gyno in my younger year cycles that I was too retarted to even realize. Never noticed lumps until the last cycle that ended in early sept. I Wasn’t running the stane on cycle and got serious lumps. Immediatly jumped on letro. Letro took 8 weeks to get rid of it but the lumps disapeared. Letro wasn’t bunk as I lost all sex drive and joints felt like an old rocking chair.

Pct went good. Dick is working like I was 19 years old and Every thing kicks ass. Strength is up and I appear to be making natural gains in the gym and eating a healthy bulking diet. 7 to 8 meals a day. All whole foods.


I got titts. No lumps. Body fat is somewhat high but it looks like gyno boobs. The nipples seem to pointy and I notice puffiness in the morning.

I currently have letro
Nolva and caber. All pharm on hand

Hesitant to start. I was thinking of losing some body fat before pulling the trigger and sacrificing my rod for the foreseeable future. But eliminating the man titts seems paramount because I am going to cycle again soon regardless. I am saving for surgery now anyway but I am looking for a fix for summer at least.

My question

I always hear about gyno lumps. But do they turn into breast tissue in a matter of 6 months? Wondering if I eliminated the gyno or if it just turned into boobage. Die the lumps last for years at a time? Like if I still had gyno would there be lumps? Or do they just turn into breast fat cells after a few months?

Attached some pics.

Another thing. I swear when I wake up in the morning or if i drink the night before my titts look ridiculously shitty. "

Then after i get a pump in the gym they look great. Totaly lost and afraid to run a letro smash without needing too.


I know them feels, man. This is a tricky one, hopefully others can chime in.

First off, have you ever considered getting bloodwork? If you are running gear, you NEED bloodwork, especially if you cycle so you can establish where your levels are naturally, and ideally what you need to get to, to recover.

Are your nipples leaking? Are the nipples themselves poofy, or the tissue underneath it? Both?

I would say try and nuke the tits with letro, but again, bloodwork would be a nice place to start. Also look into rolaxifene, tons of guys have said this has helped tremendously with gyno.

If you can afford the surgery, and want to just get rid of it for the summer, run masteron. I cant remember off the top of my head why, but it will make your poofy nips go away (momentarily of course).


Maybe my screen visibility sucks, but I can’t see gyno. I see a pec, but it doesn’t look crazy abnormal in any way to me. Just my 2 cents


Yeah it doesn’t look like gyno but you think it might be water retention instead? High estrogen can cause that but yeah I’d get bloods done before I’d do anything


Tamoxifen didn’t solve mine.
I can’t find lumps but gained chest fat.
Exam says I’ve got 1.6 cm gland.
Have u done an exam ?


Man, that’s nothing. Google gyno. Look at pics of gyno. I’m 36 and was worried about gyno myself until I saw pictures of guys that actually have it and the docs recommend surgery. Unless this pic ain’t doing justice, you look fine. Seriously, see the pics, get on the treadmill, and feel better dude.


dude, tbh I don’t think that’s a gyno, yes you have breast fats but could be just water retain. I do suffer from severe gyno, you really don’t wanna see mine:blush:


Not gyno. Get a better pic next time as well.

Maybe try getting some adex and running a low dose on cycle next time.