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Rate my Supps, Recommendations?

I discussed before in a post months ago that I practice MMA, Muay
Thia is my main attack. I’m classified as a striker so leg power is most important to me. However I also love to lift and have a nice looking physique. Our workouts as you all know are mostly body weight and dumbbells to create muscle awareness, but our endless cardio sessions are always causing me to break down.

My instructor and I devised a list of supps I am going to be taking to minimize fatigue and to put on some muscle mass. Current stats; 21 years old, 183 lbs, 12% bf. Goal: 195 lbs, (my goal 9-10% bf)

This is what his list is so far;
-Ultra MEGA green multi-Vitamin

  • L-arginine
  • Beta-alanine
  • Creatine Mono
  • CLA, recently switched to Cod liver oil
  • Glutamine
  • Protien shakes with BCAAs
  • Amimal Flex Joint support
  • Endurolytes Rehydration Formula

The finally supp he wanted me to take, no pressure or anything was a 7 week cycle or winstrol. I told him I would have to think about it and he was cool with it, but told me that would be the quickest way to get where I want to be by Jan. I’m not a big fan of juice so I am probably not going to take it. I also would rather not take Pro-hormones, considering the side effects of them can sometimes be more than actually riods. My question to you guys is, what supps do you recommend to slowly put some weight on with out compromising my balls in the process.

Thanks, Matt

I’d say as far as conserving your muscle, you’ve got all your bases covered. If I could reccomend something, I’d say buy some additional BCAAs in the form of an instantized powder like Scivation Xtend. That way when you go do your conditioning work, you can bring a gallon of water with a healthy dose of Glutamine and BCAAs dissolved in it.

As far as the Winstrol goes, I’m no expert, but I doubt a seven week cycle of that stuff by itself will benefit you very much.

F the Winstrol man. In stead of CLA pick up some Flameout, it has CLA in it, plus a heavy dose of DHA and some EPA in it, will do you much better. Man you need to focus on calories bro. It sounds like your expending a rediculous amount of calories per day. I would bet a nut you’re not eating enough.

You can make a cocktail of BCAA and Gatorade to sip on throughout your workouts to blunt cortisol and keep glucose levels up, better yet, get some Surge and take a half serving and drink it throughout workout, and then have a couple more after.

Winstrol is many times used as a cutting agent, but generally stacked with other compounds, such as Tren and Test toward the end of a cycle for cutting purposes and to combat the prolactin issues you can get from tren. If you were to go the “pharmaceutical route” you would go with some type of Nandrolone metabolite that it tissue sparing and then an test source so your little soldier still is ready to salute when you need him to, but that’s only if you go that route, which i’m not recommending. I think you need to focus on diet and make sure you’re getting the cals you need.

i love “Flex”

i’m adding it to my “typical” supplement stack.

Alright cool thanks guys, Dieting has been an issue for me. I eat so much already and still stay the same. Ill have to check out the nutrition section and see what people have posted.