Rate My Summer Cut Cycle - Prop/Tren/T-Bol

I’ll be short and simple.
My stats ***
Height : 5’ 75"
Weight : 185lbs
Age : 26

I’ve been training for more than 7 years altogether and have done couple of cycles most of which only once per year 12 week for a summer cut. I’ve mostly cycled prop, tren and winny but this year i have decided to switch to a clean kickstarter such as T-Bol. This is what my cutting cycle looks like.

Propionate 100mg/eod weeks 1-12
Tren Acetate 75mg/eod weeks 3-10
Trenbolone 30/40/50/60/60/70mg weeks 1-7

Arimidex 0.5 EOD weeks 1-12
HCG 250 UI 2x a week weeks 5-12, 500UI weeks 13-16 & 250UI weeks 17-18
Nolvadex 40/20/20/10/ weeks 13-16

Through the years i have experienced a puffy left nipple and definetly some aggresion from the tren. The reason i have decided for a kickstarter is that winny is too hard on my joints and im unable to lift the weight i want to. Propionate dose stays fixed such as tren (if i go higher increases the sides more). During the cycle i will run A-Dex 0.5mg EOD or perhaps i will start with 0.25mg and up the dose later. The reason for the HCG at 5th week is that i hate pinning myself too much (i prefer gluteus pins and with the added hcg will be too much for a start). At the end i finish with nolva and hcg since i will run a-dex during the cycle. I will run liver support before and during the whole cycle.

What do you think?