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Rate My Strength Routine

I have not tried this yet, I am currently cutting fat. I plan on trying this routine after 6-8 months of “bulking” using Waterbury’s routines and maybe some HSS-100.

This is made to be simple and for strength. I figure by the time I get to this routine I will be pretty tired of lifting haha so it is designed to be easy to follow.

Deadlift 3x3-5 85% max

Back Giant Set-3x8
A1 Pullup
A2 Back Extension
A3 Inverted row (plams out)

rest around 2 mins.

Front/Back Squat 3x3-5 85% max

Arm Super Sets
A1 weighted Chin up 3x3
A2 weighted Dip

B1 BB Curl 3x8
B2 Skull Crusher

Hang Clean+ press 3x3-5 85% max

Shoulder Gaint Set 3x8
A1 Mil Press
A2 Up Right Row
A3 Lat Rasies

So how much does this suck??? Should I switch the Wed and Fri gaint sets?

Critque-flame away