Rate my Routine

Hi there.

I would love if u guys would rate my program… And id be super happy with feedback and ideas for changes etc.

I train 3 times a week - full body routine - 1,5 hour pr workout

I know that i have a lot of excercises in my program, so i use Giant sets through my whole training. Means that i do 4 excercisses in a row, rest and repeat for 3 sets.

So the program ive made:

Wamup (5min)

  1. Squat, chin ups, side plank, band pull apart, (15min)
  2. Push up, fly, row, biceps curl (15min)
  3. Hip Thruster, rear lateral, TRX fallout (15min)
  4. glute curl, Pres, lateral raise, face pull, (15min)
  5. Glute ham raise, Farmers walk, prowler push,(15min)

Total 95 min workout.

warmup (5min)
Squat, chin ups, suitcase DL , band pull apart (15min)
Bench, fly, hanging, leg raise, ratator cuff (15min)
Overhead farmers walk, lateral raise, bussdriver (shoulder also), biceps curl (15min)
DL mid shin, row, rear lateral, glute ham raise, (15min)
Hyperextension, Prower push, farmers walk, wrist curls, medicin ball overhead slam, (15min)

Total 95 min workout

Is it too much or?
I just cant figure out what excercises to ditch :frowning: if i have too!!

Thank you guys

Only you can decide if it is too much. Your body will let you know.

But I would point out that you didn’t mention if your goal was to lose weight, gain muscle, etc. You should lose weight and gain muscle on this program, but more of the former, which is good for most people.

Main goal is gaining weight. Would love to shred a bit more tho :slight_smile:

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Looks like you will. :slight_smile:

Smacks of someone with no real goal. I’d go with crossfit.

How does one do 15 minutes of prowler? I do 3 runs and want my life to end.

You must have misunderstood… takes 15min total. Including the 3 other excercises for 3 sets.

You can do 4 super sets exercise, 5 of them in a session?

What do you use? 50%. Of 1rm?

I am not sure where you are going with this??

I mostly use about 70-85% of RM
I dont understand what u mean sry

Basically this. Your program should be designed to achieve a specific goal.

So your goal is to gain weight … And lose weight?

Basically this as well. It looks like you just mashed as many exercises as you could into a week’s worth of training. Why did you select the exercises you did? How are they going to get you to your goal?

“Get big and also get shredded” isn’t a goal. “Add 15 lbs of muscle” or “lose 15 lbs of fat” are goals (examples, not recommendations). There has to be a rhyme and reason to designing a program for yourself ya know?

I see!
So what would u recommend for me?

Do this instead, some similarites but much more effective…

I would recommend first setting an attainable goal. Everyone wants to be big and ripped, but you’ve got to take it one step at a time. Commit to gaining 10 lbs over the next few months for example, and follow a program and diet to get there. Once you achieve this goal you re-evaluate, see if anything needs to be changed, etc…

I am assuming you are a relative beginner. Its probably best to follow a pre-designed program so you can get used to your body, what works for you, what doesn’t etc. If after a while your goals change or adjustments need to be made then you make them slowly. Its not good strategy to start designing your own program from scratch. Most advanced trainees that I know and see that program themselves are still using an accepted template or set of principles and making adjustments to fit their needs.

Just take it one step at a time, thats all.

You have 15% difference. That tells me you don’t know what you are doing. Your program looks like a mish mash of exercises.

I’ll do everything and see what sticks…

Badger has a good recommendation. And yes, a goal would help a lot.