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Rate My Routine

Flat bench / Incline / Decline
Pec Deck machine
Dumbbell Flys
Cable crossover

Leg presses
Random Ab work
Random leg work with machines

Military press
Front Dumbbell raises
Shoulder Presses
Lateral Dumbbell Raises
Alternating Dumbbell Curls
Concentration curls
Tricep Pressdowns
Closegrip bench press
Lat Pulldowns
Seated Rows
Dumbbell rows

far to much. how can u expect to give everything to each of them excersises?

how about you rate it? do you make gains from this program? looks like a lot of volume, why don’t you make it simpler with fewer exercises


Ok well since this routine seems to be too much, how should I split it up? If I can get to the gym 5 days a week i’ll take any advice on how i should divide this. thanks guys.

well what are your goals, are you a beginner looking to shape up, are u trying to get shredded or put on some mass. your monday routine seems okay, but imo i would leave out the cable crossovers and do the dumbbell flyes before using the pec deck machine, and then i would doo calves, after finishing chest, since you haeven’t stated any calf exercises. On wednesday u need to leave out deadlifts and should focus on legs purely, then abs.

SO start off by doing your quads and then hamstrings. Friday is wayyyyyy too much, honestly u must be in the gym for ever on that day and you probably have no intensity, so what i suggest is that you break up the day and maybe have a back and cavles day, then shoulder and traps day, then do a biceps/triceps day. make sure u get enough rest before restarting that cycle, and dont overtrain your muscles with 30 sets and 12 exercises, good luck !

Monday: Chest.

Tuesday: Calves, Forearms, Abs.

Wednesday: Back.

Thursday: Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps.

Friday: Quads, Hams, Glutes.