Rate My Routine

hi everyone, new to the forum.
i have been working out for a few years now, probabley more seriousley for the last year and a half. im not a bodybuilder, nor do i wish to be, however i love working out, Testosterone, and staying in shape, so i feel this is the appropriate forum for me. just looking for some feedback on my current routine which i have been doing since january.

heres how it goes, i use a bi weekley schedule:
Legs 6x a month(definatley the hardest day)
Back 6x a month(deadlifts, pullups, then throw in some traps after)
Chest 6x a month
Abs/obliques/calves 8x a month
Arms/forarms 4x a month

heres how it works in a 2 week schedule, i describe the workouts in the first example more:

Week 1- 2 pull days, 1 push day:
Sunday: off/abs

Monday: Pull day- deadlifts, 50 wide arm pullups(in sets),traps,extra chinups(20-30) and a smaller muscle group like arms,abs or calves if necessary and time permits.

Tuesday: off

Wedensday: Push Day- Legs(squat or leg press superseted with extensions and wall sits, then some lunges, single leg split squats, single leg press to finish off those legs) Then Chest (bench, incline bench, dips, dumbbells, pushups, flys) > this usually takes 30-40 mins for the leg portion and 30-40 mins for chest portion, i usually dont care about the time, but this is usually how long it takes.

Thursday: off

Friday: another pull day, same as monday legs may be tired from wedensday so i dont deadlift as much

Saturday: Other small muscles, abs, calves, arms if necessary.

Week 2- 2 push days, 1 pull day:

Sunday: off/abs
Monday: push day(legs and chest, described before)
Tuesday: off
Wedensday: pull day(pullups,deads…etc as described before)
Thursday: off
Friday: push day(legs and chest, as described before)
Saturday: small muscle day(abs,arms,calves etc…)

Then next week do week 1, then week 2 and keep alternating.

i also throw in some shoulder press, just a few sets here and there on chest day, i dont do it other days because i dont want to injure my shoulder from working it too much since shoulders also get worked with the bench press. and i am curious to know what people think about the chest/leg day…is it too much? my old routine(throughout 2008) i used to go harder on legs but do it once a week, and that routine started to get stale so i started this.

thanks everyone, i hope i can be productive in the fitness discussions on this board!