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Rate my Routine, Physique and Plan

Hey guys, this is my first post here and want a bit of help and advice from the most experienced of you!

Im 25 years old, I used to be fat because of life conditions. I packed a lot of fat but I changed my body completely from then. Here is the before/after.
I turned from 92 kg to 81kg in 8 months. I relied in full body workouts, multi compound exercises and lots of swimming, running and a solid diet.

Currently i am a little bit bulkier, but I dont think I have evolved much. It needs to be said that I have a bit of pectus excavatum which is a slightly inside placed middle of the chest. I feel that my lats are not well developed too, I am happy with the back width (I do lots of rows) but im trying to focus a bit on my width.
I have also always thought that shoulders make a good physique and tried to prioritize them a bit.

I recently changed my routine from full body to push/pull+legs as I felt I was hitting a plateau. I spend about 2h per hour per routine. My lifts now are:
Deadlift: 160 kg (352 lbs)
Bench: 110 kg (242 lbs)
Squat 130 kg (286 lbs) (i know its very poor, its WIP :P)

This is my routine. I am also taking care of the diet.

Breakfast a lot of milk.
Afternoon protein shake + banana
Lunch Pasta + meat + fish + fruit
Pre WO: rice + tuna + eggs
Post WO: Protein shake
Dinner: Lots of proteins (chicken, turkey, eggs and might include a bit of carbs)

I know my physique is far from perfect, but I am happy to listen what you guys with more experience can tell me to improve. I also dont know if I am sufficiently lean to keep packing up or I should consider a mini-cut of a couple weeks before going on.

Apologies for my occasional grammar mistakes, as english is not my first language!


Great job! Keep going!

Looking good man . You are lean. You should get that chest beefier. Put more emphasis on increasing the thickness. More focused work on each body part should help.

Full body is great for losing fat, maintaining fitness or after you’ve already gotten the look you desire. I stopped this and started doing the push pull or bro splits and I’ve gained so much muscle where I never had before.

So yeah… I’d learn how to maximize
Each part of my body per week. Helps a ton.

Awesome losing that fat.

We are all genetically so diffeeent though