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That’s very sacreligious. You gotta learn boy, use this website, ton of articles on overhead pressing technique.


I do some pressing with 40 pound dumbells (very light weight compared to my bench but feels VERY heavy for me) but almost never with a barbell because i can’t figure out where to place my hands.Close or Wide.


lol. ‘I don’t know where to put my hands so I just don’t do the exercise’ is pretty silly, don’t you think? you realize that if you had googled ‘where to grip bar overhead press’ you would have had your answer, right?

So, I highly recommend learning to overhead press a barbell from a standing position. There are very few exercises that will give you more bang for the buck than this movement. Core stability is essential to performing it, and it will quickly help you identify weak points pretty much anywhere in the body.

This is a video that will help you tremendously with the movement. Grip width discussion is at about 3 minutes in, but I would suggest watching the whole thing.


Ill try it today.At my gym we only have 2 squat racks so i will have to go early to get one of them.


get your abs and traps/neck and you will look so much better. I don’t know much about bodybuilding so don’t burn me if you disagree.