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Rate My Proportions


I have been going to the gym 6 days a week from July 3rd 2017. So I trained for a year now.Only missed 8 days and that is due to sickness/holidays.I am 5 foot 8 and weight 160 to 163.I gained 20 pounds from when I started and got really bad stretch marks.Eat as much as I can. I started on my birthday when I turned 15.The pictures provided are me 2 weeks before my 16th birthday.(all relaxed)

One picture is front relaxed.One is back relaxed.And the last one is a random arm raised lat picture.Can someone tell me what my weakness is other than legs?


Leg shots or the guys who actually know bodybuilding will flame.

Nice lat width. I have never competed so WTF do I know.


Does anything look out of place or unproportional?I got reg legs not anything to be proud of,i train them once a week.Used to train them 2 times a week but they were usually sore and painful before every leg workout.


Biggest thing I noticed is your posture, you’re shoulder are really rounded towards. I used to have the same issue, stretching my pecs/shoulders/traps and doing alot of facepulls/bandpullaparts helped bring everything back.


Your primary Pull muscles (lats & biceps) are disproportionately developed in comparison to your Push muscles–chest, tris. (I suspect pullups are your favorite exercise.) However, you have also fallen into the trap of neglecting your upper-back musculature such that your scapulae are already rather badly protracted. Note in the ‘front relaxed’ pic how the backs of your hands and forearms are facing the camera. If your upper-girdle musculature is in balance, they should be facing sideways. As further evidence of this imbalance, note that your traps are essentially nonexistent.

You can rehab/correct this imbalance by dedicating yourself to faithfully performing upper-back pull work (eg, face pulls). A good rule of thumb is, do a set of face pulls for every set of Push work (ie, bench press; shoulder press) that you do. Your physique, and rotator cuffs, will thank you.

Edit I see @theonecamko beat me to the punch while I was composing my comment.


Haha didn’t mean to steal your thunder, you did go into way more detail than me which is probably what OP wants.


I did calisthenics before I started going to the gym and could already do 15 pull-ups while only benching 95 pounds when I started.I have noticeable teen gyno which probably makes me shrug my shoulders inward to make it less visible.(You are also right about pull-ups being my favorite exercise along with cable rows.)


I noticed that. I’m glad you mentioned it, I was going to tell you to lay off the drugs, lol. Glad that’s not the reason for it.

So that being said, good posture is a HUGE deal. If you keep rounding your shoulders forward like that, you will regret it in a few years. I know because I did. Keep your exercise selections balanced. I would suggest making overhead pressing a staple in your training if it’s not already. I used to neglect OHP in favor of bench pressing, and I’ve regretted it. OHP is such a better movement for overall development, and if you get involved in any strength sports in the future, it will benefit you.

Good work overall though man! Shit, I wish I had started lifting at your age. For 16, you look great!


I have trouble doing any overhead presses because of randomly appearing nagging pain on my left shoulder.Im scared to injure it so my front and side shoulder work is minimal.




That will equal a lot of of sets…like 20-30.Are you sure about this?


At your age, this should be a gigantic neon sign that something needs to change immediately or you’ll be in for chronic long-term problems.

Like the guys are saying, your internal rotation absolutely jumped out at the biggest issue with your physique.

This article explains why a 2:1 or even 3:1 push:pull ratio can help to bring things back in order. Scroll down towards the bottom to where it discusses the pencil test: https://www.t-nation.com/training/training-disasters

The “Well-Rounded Strategy” section of this article also has a plan with drills that can help.

What’s your current training plan? The days, exercises, sets, and reps.


Yes, we’re all sure. Especially if/when you reduce your pressing to better focus on the problem. Supersetting them makes it pretty simple.


Out of curiosity, what’s your training look like?


My training split is Chest/Shoulders-Back/Triceps-Legs/Biceps-Back/Calves-Biceps/Triceps. I don’t have a program that I follow and try to do different exercises every week/switch them around.I eat cereal in the morning,rice and any meat available at 12pm,5-6 eggs after workout,then rice again with any type of meat,and finish the day of with oatmeal.I have different snacks in between.12 cups of water every day minimum.Thats how I am trying to gain muscle.


Check what i wrote to Chris_Colucci


that’s absolutely the wrong way to go about this. Your approach is just going to make it worse, I promise. You’re 16 years old, you shouldn’t have nagging pain everywhere, unless you’ve suffered a serious injury recently. Is that the case?

If the pain is a result of shitty posture and neglecting certain exercises, then you need to fix that asap. You may need physical therapy, or you may be able to fix it yourself at home with a lot of mobility work, massage, etc.


Anything I can work on at home?


Get your hands on a light band (I use a red mini from Rogue) and do band pullaparts until the cows come home. I do 100+ pullaparts/facepulls every time I step foot in the gym and it has definitely made a very noticeable difference in my shoulder health and added (to my surprise) some upper back/rear delt size as well.


probably, but there’s no way I can tell you what you should do without knowing more specifically what the pain feels like, how severe it is, where specifically it is…

If you’re committed to trying to fix the problem on your own, you’ll need to do your own research online. read a lot about the various shoulder injuries and symptoms that exist, and try to find something that closely matches what you’re feeling. Then, read about treatment.

I gotta say though, if the pain is so significant that it’s preventing you from doing basic human activities like lifting things above your head, you should take that seriously, and you should see a dr. A dr can help diagnose the issue, or send you to a specialist. The specialist will likely recommend PT after diagnosing you. Surgery would be unusual at your age. You could go to PT one time, pay a lot of attention to what the therapist has you do in the first session, and then from there you might not need any more sessions. It’ll cost some money, but whatever you spend will be an investment in decades of better shoulder health. Well worth the money in my opinion. Don’t be short sighted about this, you’ll regret it later if you do.


Its not a serious type of pain and it only occurs rarely when I do shoulder press movements with heavier weight.And I dislike overhead pressing in general, it feels weird and I don’t know where to grip the barbell.