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Rate my Progress in SS


ive been on SS 4-5 months now, i am 16, i have gained A LOT of weight, roughly 55 lbs, i am 230 lbs

Bench Press


OHP- 125


You've gained 55 lbs in 5 months?

K, first of all that's way too much weight to put on in that period of time. And it's obviously mostly fat, because your lifts aren't very good, especially at that body weight. Slow down on the weight gain. Even during a 'bulking phase', what you've done is excessive. At any age.

Consider dropping some pounds immediately, as they won't be necessary to be strong. Eat better, and keep working out.

I'll give you my closest comparison that I can give in terms of normal strength to weight numbers for a beginner. When I was 18, I started lifting, and couldn't bench press 100lbs. Within about 9 months, i benched 200 lbs, and weighed about 160. These days, I can bench press 300 lbs, and weigh about 170. I'm 5'10. There's no reason to put on a ton of extra weight until your strength goes up. Stay leaner, you won't regret it.


yea, looking back at it, the weight gain was extreme im such an idiot for putting on so much weight, i was in this phase that i just wanted to get bigger and bigger


You're not an idiot, you're just learning. Learn and get stronger.

For comparison, I coach 190 athletes, and most of my guy athletes, and some of my female athletes have better numbers than you yet weigh anywhere from 60-100 lbs less. Train smart, train hard.


I wouldn't beat yourself up too much. You're young so you can drop the weight FAST and still increase strength. When I was 19 I got fat in a hurry, but I got lean in a hurry too once I put my mind to it.