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Hi all!

I´m going to try adding some slabs of new muscle. I´ve previously competed in olympic lifting, but nowadays I´m training mostly recreationally.

I´m 23, and wiegh in at about 75kg. I´ve been lifting for as long as I can remember.

Well. To get a kickstart, I´ve put together a high frequency, low-moderate volume program. I´ve tried to keep it as simple as possible, with big solid lifts.

It´s a full body program, and I´m planning to work out for two days and rest for one. I´ll try to stick to this programming for at least six weeks, and I´ll start at a weight where I can easily get the reps in with perfect form, and then try to increase intensity at every workout.

It looks something like this.

Day 1:

1 Front squat 5x5
2a DB bench press 3x8
2b Inverted rows 3x8
3 One leg deadlift 3x8
4a Pull ups 3x8
4b Military press 3x8

Day 2:

Same, except front squat is replaced with deadlifts, and on led deadlifts replaced with one legged squats.

Of course the program will be accompanied by a solid diet aimed at growth.

I´ve gone for inverted rows over bent over rows, to spare my lower back after the squatting/deadlifting.

As for supplementation, I use vitamins/minerals, fish oil, protein, aminos and creatine. (I use targeted supplementation for Vitamin D, zinc and magnesium too.)

Glad to get your opinions on this!

I suggest that you do Lord Wendler’s 5/3/1. It’s about 19 dollars from the EFS store and you can D/L as an e-book. I’d try for pull ups to failure or just aim for 50 reps, like 5x10 or 5x5 5x5.