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I’m 27 years old. 5’10" and 160 pounds
Been lifting weights my whole life on and off and now I’m trying to take my time in the gym more seriously.
My goal is hypertrophy. Over the years I have done bodypart splits, upper lower, push pull, full body and everything in between. I’m not interested in powerlifting or bodybuilding competitively
I’ve been the same weight for 10 years. I have had slow and steady strength gains

I’m looking for help with my workout program. I have been doing it for 6 weeks and everything seems to be going well, but I think that could b just a result of my renewed dedication to the gym
My questions are:

  • is this enough volume/intensity
  • to much frequency?
  • is it sustainable?
  • poor choice of lifts? not enough variety?

My program:

Full body workouts every session
Minimu 4 sessions

No-one’s gonna be able to awnser the question with this little information.

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You might be better off posting in another forum. If you have been the same weight for 10 years and your goal is hypertrophy then you definitely need to eat more.

That describes basically nothing. If hypertrophy is the goal then an upper/lower or push/pull/legs split makes more sense. Even powerlifters who normally use full body workouts often switch to upper/lower for hypertrophy in many cases.

did you mean to not tell us anything? lol.


I rate your program as powerful strength method. Good job!


Did you mean for this to be read in a crappy eastern European accent?

Weak capitalist make joke instead of train.

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