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Hi. I want some feedback about my program. I’ts 3on1of legs/push/pull for raw mass and strenght.

squat 4x3-5
Front squat 3x5-8
Rdl 3x8-12

Bench 4x3-5
Ohp 3x5-8
dip 3x8-12

Deadlift 4x3-5
chin ups 4x5-8
Barbel curls 4x8-12

of day then repeat.

Looks more like a routine than a program. Did you already stop doing the program you asked about back in April?

All my lifts got 20kg up in that program.but the workouts were to long 2.30hours day so had to twitch

I prefer to cook my mass.

Joking aside… you increased all your lifts by 20kg in 2 months, and abandoned the program anyway? What was the program? I would think that there should be a way to modify whatever program it was to fit into however much time you have to spend in the gym rather than completely abandoning it, if the results were that fantastic.

Seriously, if I put 20kg on any of my lifts this year, I’ll be ecstatic. It’s also not going to happen.

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Squat bench deadlift 90=115kg 60=85kg 100=130kg those are my new 5prs

but why did you stop training this way if your lifts were going up that much?

:joy: Seriously though - I’d like to see what this fella was running the last 2 months to get those kinds of numbers. Not that I’ll change anything (over 2 hours is a no go for me) I’m doing but damn if I’m not curious.

Why no rows?

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To heavy training style and workoits lasted 2.30hours

Didnt think about it should chance them and curls

Why do you believe it’s a ‘chance’? Have you been injured through doing rows before or something?