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High Bar Squats 6x4
Bench Press 6x4
Incline Bench Press 3x8-12
SLDL 3x8-12
Pull Ups 3xAMRAP

Sumo Deadlifts 6x4
CGBP 6x4
DB Bench Press 3x8-12
Bulgarian Split Squats 3x8-12
Barbell Curls 3x8-12

High Bar Squats 6x4
Incline Bench Press 6x4
Dips 3x8-12
Rack Pulls 3x8-12
DB Rows 3x8-12

Conventional Deadlifts 6x4
Floor Press 6x4
CGBP 3x8-12
Front Squats 3x8-12
Incline DB Curls 3x8-12

I am a big advocate of volume and frequency. I don’t like to push intensity unless I’m prepping for a meet.

Hoping to put some size on. Particularly the prime movers however I still want to be aesthetically pleasing as well so thought I would include some vanity “power building” crap at the end of each session.

I only monitor my my protein intake. I try not to eat carbs after 1800-1900. I try to drink at least 3litres of water a day. Take a multi vitamin before bed, whey isolate post w/o with some BCAA.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. Let me know what you think and feel free to as me any questions.

What’s the progression though?6x4 adding weight each week,rotation rep ranges?

Since you train for powerlifting it would might be beneficial to devide your training into blocks
Here’s a tread that gets more into block training


  1. Way too much benching. You have at least 2 pressing exercises 4x per week. This (including the dips) is just asking to fry your front delts if you are using any sort of weights above 75% (which you should).

  2. No upper back or rear delt work at all.

  3. No abdominal work.

Most importantly:

This should really be the main driver of your programming. What are your best lifts currently and what is your plan for progression?

It seems like big problem with people putting together higher frequency programs is they throw in way too much bullshit accessory stuff. This seems to fall into this category. Simple this shit down a little. If you want to get the most out of a higher frequency program, drop the tertiary stuff at first. It looks like you’re trying to bench 4x a week, squat 3x and deadlift 3x. For just starting out, I would do something like this:

Monday: Hypertrophy
Squat- 65% x4x8
Bench- 65% x4x8
Deadlift- 75% x4x5

Tuesday: Power
Squat: 75% x4x5
Bench- 75% x4x5
Deadlift- 80% x3x3

Squat- (Speed Work) 70% x8x2
Bench- 80% x4x3
Deadlift- (Speed work) 70% x8x2

Friday: Strength
Squat- 80% x3x3
Deadlift- work up to x2 @9RPE, 3x2 @8RPE

Progress by just adding 5lbs a week for 5-6 weeks then reset the percentages. This is more of a really general intro to higher frequency. Start getting fancier with it later on after you see if you can survive something basic like this first. Personally, I would try to split it up over 6 days, but I am a hermit and a psychopath.

Bar speed will be the thing that dictates whether I move up in weight or not.

I “grease the groove” so well that the weight on the bar begins to move faster. I don’t move up in weight until I’m dominating a weight for the stated rep and set scheme. This gives me massive amount of confidence as I have not training partners at the moment.

1, It maybe. I’ve done the RTS intermediate program and that involves benching 6 times a week over 4 days. I recovered fine from that. I also did the Norwegian method of benching 6 times a week and recovered well from that. Also the overall intensity of this program will be rather low as stated. I know you are big advocates of it in the US but I prefere the Eastern European and Russian powerlifting methodologies.

2, There are pull ups and DB rows. Not that they are needed, nothing’s building up your back like deadlifts and variations.
3, What will build up my abs more? Some sit ups or heavy squats?

I respect your post. I too enjoy 6 day a week training and do little else besides work a gym.
I’ve had a lot of success with Korte 3x3, Sheiko, RTS and the Norwegian method.

My bench needs a lot of work. I feel it is very disproportionate compared to my squat and dead which are both above 300kg.

My hopes is to get up to a higher weight class and break the 200kg barrier for my bench.

Haven’t heard of anyone using this approach.It would be interesting if you reported your results after some months

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If your squat and dead are over 300 and your bench is close to 200, why the hell are you asking people what to do? It seems like whatever you’re doing is working pretty damn well

Same reason World Champions have coaches…

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Fresh pair of eyes help. I used to train with a couple of guys with bigger number (also bigger guys too) but due to new job I’m not able to train with them as often as I’d like.

The world has a lot of powerlifter so better then me. I was hoping that some of them could make some suggestions. To be honest I’m happy just opening a dialogue with some of you guys.

It was the way of the Norwegian Method that had me in the gym 6 times a week. Really get good bar speed at a given weight and when your confident take a conservative increase.

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How so? Are you qualified to tell him if it looks great for him or not? Everyone is built different and respond to different things .whatever he has done to get to this point has worked and unless it has stopped working, why change?

I understand that. How many world champion level coaches frequent the faq forum questions? Also, if he isn’t already with someone to get to that point, he’d be a hell of a lot better off finding a world champion level coach to get him there versus posting here.

You’re a strong dude. I think your first step should be to find a legit pl gym near you (if you really want this to be something you wish to become elite at). My numbers aren’t at yours, so I wouldn’t even know what frequency should be for a guy qith your stats. I know my comment may have came off as argumentative or unneccessary, but I honestly do not believe you’re going to find the help YOU personally need for a program to go elite here. Just mu .02$

There are no powerlifting gyms in Nottingham. It is a pure bodybuilding and shudders cross fit territory.

I had totally forgotten about this one and since I looked at your history and found it let me respond

Most people can get up to a 300 squat and deadlift and 200 bench no matter the routine they use.That doesn’t make it ideal nor safe

The everybody is different thing always make me cringe.People are different to an extend,but at the most part we are all pretty much alike

That’s why prilepin’s chart is on point for almost everyone,why a calorie surplus makes you gain weight ect ect

Internet forums are such a privilege,just by creating an account I can talk to 600 pound squatters and deadlifters for free.So yeah,telling him ‘‘why you ask people what to do’’ is an awful response

He said kilos. You realize it’s a 400 pound bench and 600 dead and squat. That’s an 1800 total. Fuck out of here if you think any program will get you there

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No,I had actually totally missed the kg part.I thought it was lbs,so I appologise for both my responses there