Rate My Pre/Post and Breakfast

I wake up at 730 am and start my workout at 8. I drink 1 scoop ON whey with around 12oz water 5-10 min before i start. I workout better on an empty stomach like this but would maybe 8oz skim be better than the whey+water pre workout?

My workout lasts 45 min or so then i have been eating a solid breakfast at 930-945. It has been 2 cups oatmeal with 2 tbs ground flax and wash it down with 12oz skim.

Would having 8-12oz skim pre and post be good? I would then eat my solid breakfast 45 min later and it could be 1-1.5 cup oatmeal with flax and 1 scoop whey and more milk or a banana? Or any other suggestions?

Since this is my breakfast i want to stick with my oatmeal because its like my favorite food and starts my day off great.

Any info or help would be great, i dont like malto/dex type stuff so i stick with milk and other stuff.

have you considered eating your solid breakfast upon waking, then working out?

Those oats are very slow digesting, they will not give you the insulin response you are looking for post workout. I would say eat them pre-workout and something faster absorbing post. What are your goals anyways?

I tried to eat solid food before but it made me feel slow and sluggish during my workouts. I feel much better and stronger with just the water+whey before.

Would 8-12oz skim for my post be ok? I could then eat the oats around 45 min later.

Right now im 23 yrs old 6’ and 165. Im probly 8-10 bf and just live a healthy lifestyle. I have always been naturally strong and athletic so its how i like to live. I look more like im at 175-180 though. I eat really clean and workout 6x a week, taking saturdays off. I do some amatuer boxing from time to time.

Im not looking to gain large amounts of weight or muscle, i wouldnt mind maybe getting to 175 or so but want solid lean muscle. I know that takes time but want to do it in a slow, healthy and clean way.

I am happy with myself now just wanted to get everyones thoughts on what i was doing and such.

Thanks for the info and help, anymore would be great.

Well If you just go with the whey pre workout I would at least supplement some BCAAs in the shake. If you are happy with the way you look and aren’t looking to make any significant gains I think what you are doing is fine except milk for post workout recovery. Slow absorbing protein and lactose are pretty much the opposite of what you need directly after a workout. Pure Dextrose/maltodextrin is cheap and add to the sweetness so I dont see how you couldnt like it?

I would just rather have carbs from oats, fruits etc instead of the malto/dex. I have nothing bad against it just would prefer other choices i guess.

I have heard that 1% or ff chocolate milk is ok pwo?

Any other good options besides the dex/malt?

I also believe that an overall good daily diet is more important than than pwo alone, that is why i eat the oats every day for breakfast. They are just awesome, easy to make, can add anything to them and are great for the body.