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'Rate My Potential' Section?


Just throwing this out there. I donâ??t know if this has been discussed but it seems as if (to me) 65% of the rate my physique threads that are being posted are either trolls or beginners that donâ??t bother to read the requirements. I wonder if itâ??s possible and/or beneficial to have a â??rate my potentialâ?? thread in the beginners section.

It could possibly be a section for beginners who have been training for a year or less to post pictures and have them analyzed and critiqued by other members for serious discussion about what their weak points may be, body type analysis (i.e. such as the body frame) and overall discussion about what the new lifter wants to accomplish.

Same requirements will be necessary (i.e. necessary poses and leg shots). Now I am sure if this would come to fruition people would still make the same mistakes but at least it wont be in the RMP, forum.



With under a year of lifting, 97% of the folks would have "lack of strength, lack of lean muscle, possibly too much bodyfat" as their weak points.

Again, with such inexperience, their frame most likely won't be filled out to evaluate with accuracy. Giving advice about "you have narrow collarbones so train this way" or "you appear ectomorphic, so eat this way" will probably confuse more than enlighten.

This is what new threads in the Beginners forum are for.

Bud, I think your heart is in the right place, trying to give the newbies a little more direction, but I just don't see the need overall.

I'd say the next best step is to keep an eye on the Beginners forum for threads where you can contribute advice from your own years of experience. We can definitely use anyone with a half-strand of patience to chime in and not flame newbs simply because they're newbs.

Side note: Do you have the biggest french bulldog I've ever seen or is it something else?


I hear what your saying, I just thought of the idea after seeing so many newcomers post their pics and get destroyed. Now I must admit its usually makes for epically hilarious threads, but it was just a thought.

As far as my dog, he is actually a Boston Terrier, clocking in at a robust 42lbs, biggest BT I have ever seen, hes my trainer lol. Most Bostons do not get over 25lbs. Best dog I have ever had, and have had many and they were all great.


i understand the downsides to this but as a beginner it does sound kind of cool. rate my physique page can be a bit daunting to anyone who hasn't had any significant lifting experience and it could kind of act as a forum version of the bodyshop series that Dr hyght and Shugart do.

i do understand that this will lead to alot more trolling and repeated posts where people just need to eat more, but with regards to understanding the potential of your body it may prevent some of the "i have bad genetics therefore i need steroids/surgery" posts by having more experienced people let them know their strengths and weeknesses in their overall body shape whithout the "shame" of getting a low physique rating in the RMP threads.

sorry if it seems like a rant


beginners shouldn't be posting in RMP... theres a Performance Photos section that is more appropriate if they feel the absolute need to put up some pics. Most beginners should read a few threads, figure out what they need to work on (i.e. more muscle and less fat in 99% of the cases) and then not need a RMP thread to get a critique.

I think most people post in RMP cause they think they're gonna get a pat on the back for putting on a little muscle when in almost every case they just end up getting flamed.



all good points, I still think this idea might be useful. As much as we all know that most people on here shouldnt post in the RMP section they still do...maybe having a section such as the one mentioned would limit that. I always found it ironic that the people who legitimately belong on RMP, and post their physique are usually quite humble and agree with most criticisms, while the kid who doesent belong on RMP usually gets real defensive.


Seeing how some newbs behave, they'd still post their pics in RMP even if there were a separate forum.

I think the issue is that some of these people are delusional when it comes to how they look, and they don't consider themselves as beginner's because of this.


Yeah, while I like the idea of a place for new guys to post up all the pics they want to, they won't use it.

I mean I think I think it is a great I idea, even for one sticky somewhere, but a lot of people who are beginners don't see themselves as beginners.

Shit I still feel like a newb around a ton of people here, but some people don't.

I remember a RMP of some kid, couldn't have been 165lbs starting DC. Delusional.


There is no way in hell someone can rate your genetics based on an UNTRAINED beginner's physique. Not only that, but there may be 5 people on this whole site that I have seen post regularly who have the medical/personal training background to even give such an analysis without talking out of their ass.

I've said this before, but many of us have made much more progress than some would have "labeled" us as having the potential for as rank beginners.

While you can definitely pick out the guys who have well above average potential to build muscle with minimal training., that tells you NOTHING about whether the skinny guy in the corner can beat all of them if he works hard enough.

This picture idea would hold more of you back than anything else.

It is always the newbs who want someone to TELL them what they can do BEFORE they ever do it. It doesn't work that way.

It usually takes most guys with good genetics 3-5 years before their real potential at this can be assessed....so how the hell can someone tell this about someone only lifting for a few months?

You can't.

Anyone pretending to is full of shit.


Funny that you mention that, I have been lifting weights consistently for close to a decade, and would never even THINK of posting my physique in the RMP section. I always thought of it as a place for body builders or possible figure athletes to post their accomplishments for feedback.

I am certainly no body builder and never wanted to be one, just wanted to get bigger, stronger and healthier. Yet it seems like %80 of the people that post in that section have no shot of becoming amateur bodybuilders.

Thatâ??s the main reason I thought of the idea, after the opinions expressed maybe not so much of a good ideaâ?¦possibly though the way the RMP has been abused maybe that shouldnâ??t be there either.

(I would hate for that to happen because as I stated they are really entertaining, especially the one that just recently got bumped with the kid who photoshopped his picsâ?¦fucking classic!)