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Rate My Posture


I think I have bad posture. Sometimes I feel like I look more awkward in clothes than I do muscular. I have been working to improve my posture for the past year or so. Six months ago I did part 1 of the Neanderthal No More program with some slight improvements. I try to do Prone Cobras, Scap Pushups, and Band Pull-Aparts every day.

Pictures will be provided below. All opinions and advice are welcome.




Right Side


Left Side




All photos are completely relaxed.


Not too bad. I rate you somewhere between australopithecus robustus and homo sapiens archaic. Keep it real and keep on evolving.


More squats!


Take your pants off bitch


You appear to be upright, but I am not a medical doctor.


I have similar posture. You can strengthen the back all you want but until you loosen/lengthen the pect maj./min, and front deltoids, the shoulders will always look rolled forward. Maybe get a soft tissue treatment on the subscapularis too.


Thats what I meant to type. I don't know what the fuck happened with that last post.


dat azzzz


...needs to squat!


You're white and don't know when or how to command bitches to take their garments off.


Never needed to learn. They do that in my presence like a reflex.

Women also say I naturally smell very good.


Prostitutes are great aren't they?


Like chicken soup for the soul, or water for elephants, or some other good book that you can just tear into and find out what it's really all about. Until the next one comes along, then you can do the same to her too!


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Went to a pigturducken party last summer.

Not really recommended. The duck was cooked way before the pig.