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Rate My Physique

18 years old
Training on and off for about 3 years gaining and losing, trying to stick with it now

Weight 137 pounds
Bench 175 flat bar max
Pullup 160 5+ times body weight, weighted belt
Cable row 140 8+ times
Squat around 170 never really tried to max out,definitely will now

I use GNC weigh iso burst protein, 1 scoop(20g) before and after working out, also twice daily I take 2 multivitamin pills. Usually after working out and before bed.

no real diet plan,just mix it up throughout the day with fruits, vegetables, 16 grain bread made without flour, whole wheat pastas, oatmeal, lots of milk, vector and specialK cereal, yogurt, fish steak and pork chops, toast with all peanut peanut butter

whatever I can find around here thats good ill eat

tell me what you think and share some comments, ill try and get more pics once I figure out how

another one of my back

front picture

You’re skinny. You need a solid diet, none of this random crap.

Document your calories, and make increases every time the scale doesn’t move.

yea i will start eating more cause the scale hasnt moved in a while but my lifting weight has gone up…

mid back looks good. Lotta guys don’t get all the little tiny lumps and bumps in there.


You look good. Whatever you do don’t listen to any of this “you’re skinny eat everything in sight” crap. There is no benefit in getting fat.

Keep eating a good balanced diet, train like an animal and concentrate on getting stronger. Add muscle slowly and try as to keep your bodyfat as low as you can.

Fat kids with bloated faces don’t get laid.

Get a decent diet going and bulk forever.

[quote]Whopper wrote:

Fat kids with bloated faces don’t get laid.


LOL, it’s true, just ask Dexter Morgan.

To the OP. Your back looks good so far and so does the biceps and abs. So basically the thing you most likely need to work on is legs if your squat isn’t that high.

Good luck and keep doing what you’re doing, just shift it up a gear if you want faster gains.