Rate My Physique

I want to compete
Need to know what I need to work on
Will post more pics
Want to compete in phsyique
Any advice is appreciated thanks

These were the best pics I had will take more
Any advice is appreciated
Goal is to compete in phsyique

Work on showing off your legs also if you want to compete.

If you post them, they will rate.

Enough with the show the wheels in the rate my physique. This isn’t a bodybuilding website this is a muscle and strength website, there is a big difference. Jim Wendler aint no bodybuilder is he? Last i check he has written several pieces for this “bodybuilding” website and 5/3/1 is not a bodybuilding template. Also he said physique contest which don’t show off the legs homes. He asked for advice on physique. Most people are geared toward physique not the heavyweights. Aesthetics/physique are more the much preferred build to the average person.

Last workouts posted

Arnolds (bodybuilding)
American Sniper Workout
Weight Training for Endurance Addicts
Russian Strength Skills
100 Rep Trap Bar Workout

Only one is a true “bodybuilding” workout. So rate the build.

He looks good to me. Not shredded enough for a show but still good.