Rate My Physique

i’m 17 1.77m 85kg train since december 2011.

Another pic

another one


can’t tell so much from the photos - looks like you could work on your pecs/traps

If you have been going at it for 2 yrs now, I would love to see a before pic, because I have seen that physique on people after 6 months or less. Pick a program like 531 BBB and stick with it.

He does have a before pic in another thread a further down this page.

Good progress, keep it up, but so far as a rating it would be low; not so big and no leg shots.

Now if you said ‘rate my progress’ it would be more commendable

For 17, I’m impressed. Yes, you don’t show your legs (many people don’t), but even without seeing your back, I’d say that your torso and arms definitely attest to some decent training. Hopefully you’ll keep going at it and look back with a smile at how far you’ve come.


you have a lean physique not really any mass,basically looks like a before pic…Need to bulk up(without getting fat) and keep your shape and lines and you could have a good build.You look small in the front double bis.your young so you have plenty of time to build.In bodybuilding terms your a complete newbie but in general public your “kinda jacked lol” not trying to be a jerk just saying u got aways to go but even Kevin Levrone,looked like a twig at your age.your most muscular had some thickness in pecs and from the side your arms looked better