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Rate My Physique + What's the Priority?

Hey Guys,
this is my first post on Tnation, so hello everyone
Haven’t been lifting seriously for quite a while now, returned to gym and started cutting a week and half ago, carb cycling diet, to burn off the fat nips, before a proper bulk. Pics were taken on a low carb day, so kinda low on glycogen and it’s a bit of flat look, but still.
Below I’ve included some basic stats, plus pictures. Personally i think i should focus on increasing size of my delts and calves, but i would love to hear other peoples opinion
Age 25
Weight 192.2lbs
Total gym experience 3years on and off
Most recent PR’s
Deadlift 405lbs x3
Squar 315lbs x3
Bench 225lbs x3
Barbell shoulder press 145lbs x3

Thank you so much in advance!

You ask “what’s the priority?”

What are your goals?

Do you want to compete in a physique show, just look good, enter a PL meet?

What’s your ideal weight and bf%