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Rate My Physique, Underdeveloped Lower Chest

Just a spot check to see how my Physique is doing. I have been lifting for 4 years and I’m 4 months into my cut. I am currently 185lbs
I feel like my lower inner chest is lagging behind the rest of my development, or is that more of a genetics issue?
Any feedback would be appreciated.

That’s just your structure man. The way your pecs insert is just unfavorable. Gotta live with it. Has nothing to do with your muscular development.

Your delts are a major weak point though. That’s where your focus should be right now. They’re waaaaay small compared to your arms and even chest. I’d suggest a lot of overhead pressing and lateral raises to get them where they need to be.

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Yep, again. Also, don’t neglect your rear delts! They’re so important to developing aesthetically-appealing shoulders.

No leg or back pictures…?

Remember physique is your whole body not just chest, abs and biceps…

Yeah man were is the back picture.

Yeah man, your pecs is not underdeveloped… they are very ugly, just it. Sorry, but true. You need more delts… hummm… and shave your body man, for better pics!