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Rate My Physique Please


Im 5'8 and 185lbs, ~10% bf in these pictures. I want to compete in my first show in 8 weeks and would like some feedback and constructive criticism on my body, size, symmetry, and proportion. Along with identifications of strengths and weaknesses. Any advice on how to bring up my weak points would be greatly appreciated.




double bi back


side chest


side triceps




i rate you're smile at least a 9.5 in every picture.


Looking thick. Quads are great, bi's and shoulders good too. Back needs width. Good luck with the show mate!


Anyone else having difficulty viewing these pictures? I can only see the rear double bi and side chest shots.


Me too, anybody know why this is happening?


You look good but 8 weeks to be contest ready is a bit ambitious. I dont think you are lean enough at this point to be contest lean in 8 weeks.


Thanks for the replies. Ill try to reload my other pics. I could also compete May 14th which is 13 weeks out which may be more realistic. Some other information on me: 31 years old, natural, I usually do 3-4 working sets for 12 reps. I'll use rest-pause to complete sets of 12 if I have to, and I finish off my body parts with FST-7s for a couple different muscle groups each week.


front lat spread


front double bi


back lat spread


side tricep


Delts and traps? These appear to me to be lacking in comparison to the rest in my opinion.


If this is your first contest, I think 8 weeks is a bit ambitious like BONEZ said, especially if this is a natural show. 13 weeks is much more realistic and you could definitely do well if you peak at the right time.

But if you really want to do well, you need to change your attitude from "I think I'd like to do a show" to "I'm doing a show."

You should really get some help with your posing as well. Right now you are holding your elbows too low on both of your double bi poses (this makes the lats and delts look tiny), you're not drawing in your midsection enough, you're not puffing your chest up/out enough, you aren't smashing your legs together on your side poses, you're not flaring your elbows enough on your front/rear lat poses, you're not turning your upper torso on your side poses, and you need to bend your knees and flex those legs a lot harder/figure out some better foot placement. There are other tweaks I would make, but those are the major ones that I noticed.

With proper posing, your physique will instantly look A LOT better.

I highly recommend hiring someone who has won multiple shows to take your through the mandatory poses. They will also teach you how to go through quarter turns so you don't shuffle your feet around and look like it's your first show. They should also teach you proper breathing so your body isn't shaking while the judges make you sit in your poses for 30 straight seconds.

All that said, your physique IS great and I think it's pretty balanced. It's just that tons of people have great physiques yet they don't know how to show them off properly. I think if you get that help, you won't just be in a competition, you will do exceptionally well.


Thanks joutmez,
I have noticed this also. Ive been training shoulders twice a week for awhile now trying to build them up and get wider. I have found that fst-7s on the final exercise worked well to bring up my quads, hams, and calves, but these muscles are easy to both stretch and flex in between sets. Ive had a harder time figuring out a good way to contract and flex my delts. Anyone have any ideas? I realize this question may be better suited for the training forum and will head there to see if I can find some answers. I work my traps on one of my shoulder days and could easily work them on both days also.


Thanks for the comments on my posing. I have access to a couple people who can help me with this and I realize now I need to contact them sooner rather than later.