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Rate my Physique, Guys and Gals

Newbie lifter here, just about to finish my 5th month of dedicated lifting. I’ve lifted on and off over there years but haven’t really stuck to anything like I’m doing now. As you can probably tell my bodyfat that a cut is in order, but I probably wont be cutting too hard anytime soon. Anyways, I’d appreciate any feedback on what is good and what could be improved. Sorry no leg pics yet! Stats are 5’10" 195-200lbs.

Where’s your neck lel? Srs tho traps of the gods. Nice

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hah thanks man first two are flexed though so i may have cheated on that one. last one is relaxed.

I’m going to give you a 2.2/10 for your physique.

You only gave a quarter of your physique to judge, so realistically 2.5/10 is the highest I can give.

I think I’m still being a bit generous, but those are some juicy traps.

Hmmm 2.2/2.5. noicee I’ll take that! :smiley:

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Lose some weight you fluffy donut arse looking motherfucking so we can see all the things properly