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Rate My Physique, Body Fat %?


Height: 150cm

I’m guessing 15-18%. My goal is to gain a few kilos of muscle while maintaining my leaness. Is this possible?

Looking lean anna. Those arms like a road map. Your solid keep it up. Its possible yeah to keep fat gains to a min. Though if you spent the next 5-6 months increasing your calories and not worry about staying shredded you would get better results. That’s how it works for me anyway, I need to eat upward of 3500-4000 calories to start seeing results.

You could always set a limit of bodyfat% and when you hit it - cut, then back to gaining.

looking well good luck!

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Very lean, are those shoulder striations too? Good job. Any time you’re in a calorie surplus you’re inevitably going to gain fat. Stick to a slight surplus and stay consistent with your diet and training and shouldn’t gain too much fat.