Rate My Physique/Beast Mode lol

Srs you should compile a thread with all your least chill responses for a good laugh.


Well spray tan does make you look more jacked…

Okay, how would you use that information to bring up this guys weak points from an aesthetic perspective?

I tried deleting the pic lmao, but it didnt work

its a shame u cant delete posts on here but oh well

Chest and tris today, good pump

You can, but it’s kind of a dick move. Posting a pic, getting feedback, and then taking the pic down. Sort of wastes peoples’ time and makes the comments out of context.

If you wanted to post different pics, either edit them in addition to the first or put them in a separate post.

really? you’re mad at me? I made the most constructive post on this thread, and I called SOMEONE ELSE OUT, NOT YOU for saying something stupid on your thread. dude. you’ve got some thin skin.

magnum, he’s not asking to be rated as a person, an athlete, or a lifter. He’s asking us to rate his physique, nothing more, nothing less. You do not ever have to bench press, deadlift, or squat to achieve the physique in the picture. Nobody who cares about aesthetics only has to do any of those things. You can use machines and cables and bodyweight and dumbbells and whatever else you want to do to look like that. You don’t have to use barbells to become a top bodybuilder.

So yea, I’m having trouble seeing how your question is valid. But let me play the part of him. I’ll give you a pretend answer for him, and let’s see how you would use it to help him develop his physique better.

‘Hey Magnum, thanks for your question! I bench press 345, I’ve squatted 475 unwrapped, and I’ve deadlifted 525. How can I use those numbers to improve the weak points in my physique? I’ve been told my shoulders are a weak point relative to my arms. Does that mean I should squat more, bench press more, or deadlift more?’


I hear you flip, all valid points. I guess from my point it’s that when a guy only post a pic of half his body and ask for a rating there is usually a reason it. I mean usually in this section we at least like to see the wheels, don’t we? If his answer(hopefully the truth) is some low numbers or no numbers I would say work on the basics to bring up the parts you are hiding. I wish the best for the young man and we know that doing deads and squats is hard work and not for everyone.

a few guys do. I do not. I don’t care one bit of a person wants to do legs, ever. If it’s clear they don’t prioritize lower body, or don’t want it rated, I’m perfectly happy to oblige. He posted a waist-up picture. Clearly he wasn’t interested in having his legs rated. Who are we to say that his ideal physique should involve well-developed legs?


Looking good, you have some nice lat development would love to see the back no homo!!

And get cut bro, bring out them serratus for the ladies

Should his physique include a back?

A physique IMO is your whole body. When people have a title ‘rate my physique’ it’s implied that they want their whole physique rated. If the title was ‘rate my bro muscles’ than fair enough.

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Train your legs please, thanks

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to that I would say if a person doesn’t post their legs in their picture, it is implied by the individual that he is asking for his upper body to be rated. i’m not understanding your inflexibility here. This is just an internet forum, a conduit for conversation. Nobody HAS to use this forum EXACTLY in the way the forum title might suggest. Think outside the box just a bit. It just seems utterly ridiculous to say you can’t rate a physique without pictures of legs. This dude looks good. Why not just say that and point out any weak points that you can see, rather than saying ‘we can’t see your legs, come back later lolz!’

If I posted a back picture and said ‘hey guys, I’m wondering how my back looks, how are my proportions?’ I doubt anyone would ask me for leg pictures. I’d get my question answered most likely. Y’all might say ‘great lower back thickness, traps and rhomboids are lacking’, or something like that. And it would be an appropriate use of this forum. But because a new user just wants us to tell him how a front relaxed picture looks, we somehow take issue with it because he’s not looking for the type of criticism we want to dole out? That sounds selfish and unhelpful.

I know I often come across as harsh, but when I do, it’s because I’m trying to help someone else improve. Or I’m telling someone to fuck off because I’ve already tried and I’m exhausted, lol. But you’ll rarely, if ever, see me telling someone else what their goals should be. Hell, Adarqui’s log and RMP thread are some of my favorite’s on here, because of their non-traditional direction.


do you take off your shirt off when you go to the beach

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