Rate My Physique/Beast Mode lol

No legs no likes.


Come on bro, im just talking about the upper body. My personal goals is just my upper half, all i want is honest criticism and what i should definitely work on or what i should do. However i dont skip leg day i train legs everyweek but i care about the upper body more.

Regards Aaron

You have a pretty good frame, you are obviously pretty lean and have some muscle.

can’t say much more from one photo. Looks like you have a bit of a hunched posture, assuming you mean you only care about the front half of your top half?

No legs, no back, no side shot, not much anyone will be able to say.


So you put as much effort into your training as you do into your posts. Super-lazy title, zero info or text, just a pic. Neat.

We can tell you bench, curl, crunch, shrug, and do laterals. You’ve got a good build from the 25% of it that we can see.

Height? Weight? What’s your training look like?


5’7 160 pounds, i follow mainly a bodybuilding routine finished with 15 min of cardio every session. Ive currently been cutting cals,apologies i know its just one picture but it was mainly my arms and torso in which i want to improve on and i just wanted other peoples opinions. Im looking to start clean bulking next week. Sorry if it seems like a pointless post

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Definitely not pointless, just sparse. No worries.

I’d go with more neutral/reverse-grip curls and focus on the tris more to fill out the arms.

Go with these:

your delts looks disproportionately small. Your overall aesthetic would be improved with larger shoulders. Lateral raises and overhead pressing to achieve that. It looks like you’re spending more time benching than overhead pressing. To me, nothing makes the upper body look better than huge shoulders, particularly when you’re wearing a shirt. That’s something you can’t hide.


I agree mate, I will focus more on shoulder delt work i also agree on the triceps, my triceps need more size. I will check the links now. Thanks guys.

Aside from “make them bigger”, what else could be provided?

What are your numbers in the big three? Bench, dead’s and squats?

Fail to see how the big 3 are relevant. Seen plenty of people out lift me massively in the big 3 but look like shit.

You do know this isn’t the power lifting section right?


dude seriously. what a ridiculous question.

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IHow do u delete posts on here lol

you dont delete them. you refrain from posting stupid things in the first place.


Okay thanks mate, u didnt have to stay on my post in the first place dickhead, u dont own this website so get over yourself

Regards Aaron

It’s amusing how salty people get in this forum.


I think it’s a valid question for the guy who post pics of half his body and ask strangers to “rate him”. It’s ok if he doesn’t want to answer but I’m not sure why it got your panties in a wad?


giphy (14)


Is my internet playing up again or did someone go a bit crazy on the tan?


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