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Rate My Physique at 14 & Tell Me What to Do

“You got good advice. We don’t need more pics. And blur out your face.”

“Okay.” … … … [posts more pics showing his face]


In the last 4 and a half weeks, what have your workouts looked like?

How much bodyweight have you gained or lost?


Have to agree on that one 100%

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Kid didn’t listen to a word you said it seems


If you’re going to post pics showing you’re face do it on social media (preferably a private account where only people you know follow you or a public ‘fitness inspiration’ style account that doesn’t give away too much personal deets like where you live, last name, birthdate, email address and the likes…)

Posting face pics on public forums like this isn’t a good idea.

He looks fucking solid for 14 though, looks better than many of the 18+ year olds I know who lift

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He looks fine, but you must only know absolutely tiny 18+ year olds.


I know many 18 year olds who look better and many who lift and aren’t larger. Often times

  • excessive recreational drug use (esp speed/coke)
  • not eating enough
  • not training enough

Are to blame, but still these kids do lift, and op above looks better than them

He looks a fuck ton better than I did at his age. This was me at 13 (almost 14) after a swim: EDIT: wait, was right at the start of 8th grade so not nearly 14, just 13


Op is 14, if he looks as good as he does now imagine what he will look like in 5 years assuming he doesn’t come across any awful medical issues like… For instance chronic pain or hypogonadism… Just off the top of my head

The internet police are going to find this site full of shirtless teenage boys


Ok kid clear my confusion up. Are you working for sport performance or just focusing on physique? Also as started enough with the pics.

Stop posting pictures online and train the basic compound movements 3x a week, full body or upper/lower/upper or even stronglifts or a 5x5 of some sort

What are your plan though? I’m kinda confuse if you just want to have a better physique or if you’re going to pursue being a professional on your sports.