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Rate My Physique at 14 & Tell Me What to Do

I work out every day cardio twice lifting once and have a high protein low carb diet.

Why cardio twice a day? Height weight? Breakdown of actual lifting.

I do some light cardio in the morning usually a run or bike ride then track practice after school on weekends I have rugby and wrestling as well after track practice I lift. Monday rest day Tuesday chest and arms. Wendsday shoulders and back. Thursday is leg day. Friday is core burnout( I do a little core everyday.) Saturday chest and arms Sunday shoulders and back.

Dude honestly with 2+ sports just lift with the wrestling team. When I wrestled in season the team didn’t lift. Just conditioned hard. Pushups, sprints, pull ups and drills. Getting used to lifting humans gives you a retarded amount of real world strength. That being said i lifted on Mondays and Wednsdays after practice. Squats/deadlift on Monday. Bench/ohp/weighted pulls on Wednsday. That or a full body with a push a pull and a leg move. Off season you tried to increase the big 4. So you definately should not do legs on thursday when meets are on the weekend. And definately not do a “core burn out” on Friday. And I’m assuming Rugby games are on Fridays like football so same rules apply for it. Light cardio is not a terrible idea but a body part split especially the way you have it set up is. And beyond that being an athlete physique is literally of no concern next to performance. A high protein low carb diet probably sucks for that much activity as well. But that’s beyond my knowledge to be able to explain.


Do you have any advice for how to change my body part split to get the most benefits.

I am just trying to make myself overall the best ablitity I can be I’m currently 510 160 and I really want to build strength get some more definition my cardiovascular health is good for sports I just want to help myself with the physical physique aspect.

For the record worrying about your physique is not going to make you a better athlete if being good at your two sports is a priority.


I just gave you two options. Lower body on Monday, upper on Wednesday. Or two full body days.

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531 is great btw or starting strength

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“5/3/1.” Look it up

The best advice as a two-sport athlete and a young dude is to not use a body part split and stick with full body or upper/lower sessions. They’re more efficient and just as effective. Like the guys said, 5/3/1 is solid, especially for athletes. Do what it says here:

Also, there’s really no reason and no benefit to starting a new thread in Rate My Physique. Also-also, linking to pics on Google Drive doesn’t work, so simply upload pics like your first post here if you do want more input.

Also-also-also, getting a physique review is redundant at this point because you’re at a stage where your body will change dramatically no matter what so, like, what’s the point of a “rating”? You’re not at a stage where your biceps are lagging or your delts overpower your pecs.

From the 23% of your physique we can see, you look like a freshman athlete, not a freshman Minecraft club president, so you’re doing fine.

Also to the fourth power, nutrition is getting glossed over as often happens, but like Tim said, going low-carb as an athlete who’s also doing a bunch of cardio is a very bad idea and will hinder performance, growth, and recovery. Follow the nutrition guidelines here:

Quality protein and carbs and fats in each meal, 3 meals a day, 7 days a week.


Thanks for the advice

Anything you need to see to help more in terms of pictures

Nope. Seeing more pictures won’t affect any of the advice you’ve gotten.

Also, bro, I know it’s a social media world now, but if you absolutely insist on posting pics anywhere (especially physique pics), it’s a good idea to at least hide your face either by cropping, slapping an emoji over it, Photoshop blurring it, whatever. I can crop the first pic if you’d like.



perform basic barbell movements regularly. Eat well. Work hard. Everything will fall into place.


Aight thx man

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What do you want to know?

I truly would not advocate posting shirtless photos of yourself online at age 14. This is what regret looks like.