Rate My Physique and Give Me Suggestions Please

Im 26 years old my height is 185cm and weight is only 67 it was just 55 when i started exercise then i used proteins carbs fats and at least i gain 14 kilograms in 8 months. My appetite is very smal i can’t eat big meals i don’t like meat vegetables salads. I like just junk foods, now i wants to increase my weight more than 10 kilograms. Can u help me to suggest any supplement which is for fast and quick weight increase

Sure. That supplement would be meat, eggs, dairy, vegetables, fruit, rice, potatoes, oats and pastas.

When I read that part, I thought you were like 16 years old, then re-read your post to see that you’re 26…


What’s does this mean?

Was there supposed to be pictures?

What’s our diet been?

What’s your training routine been?

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You should be fine with just junk food, don’t waste your money on supplements. Even if you don’t like big meals, you can get small fast food meals that are very high in calories. Soft drinks are great for that too. If you can get through a few cans of something like plain old Coca Cola every day that’ll definitely help your weight gain. If you also avoid doing much physical exercise that will help a bunch too. I think you could probably put on a kilogram a week with very little effort.


I think he means the latest supplement range by Tesco, the shelfs are full of them in different forms, I think the general term is food. :wink:


Yeah you need to learn to eat like an adult.

Plazma will give the fastest results from a natural supp. If on a budget get some aminos and karbolyn type product and take as much as can afford pre and during workout


Thanks dear i like soft drinks very much that’s good idea and can u tell please about supplements, is these are beneficial?

Please give me a diet plan with minimal budget

And my mean to proteins, carbohydrates and fats are gain through supplements.

That’s an impossible task seeing as though you have ruled out pretty much everything I would have you eat, I ain’t putting my name to anything without meat and veg!

but if you wanna just get fat keep eating junk as that will get you there, in you wanna build a decent physique then start eating right.

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Guys, can we really not see the trolliness here?


Seriously… im out.


Try the search box

Clearly. Hence my response.

This one is my new pic, i wanna get fat but with not only fat i wanna be masculine and im doing exercise properly but i have issue with food please give a food plan for weight gain

You are all my seniors i have respect for all of u and please don’t make my joke i need good suggestions if u cannot give suggestions so please its very simple just say me no instead of making my jokes

My man, what they’re trying to tell you is that a supplement is just that, a supplement. Your diet has to be at least decently in line before supplementing it with protein and things like that. Start working things like whole grains, meats, fruits, and vegetables in (it doesnt have to be a complete overhaul, start small and add things as you go) but thats what you need if you want to get bigger with a good physique. When you say junk food, what kind of things are you eating?

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Morning shake,
blend up 100g oats, 1 banana, 500ml whole milk, handful of spinach, 25ml olive oil, flavour with chocolate milk shake mix (or whey depending on budget)

morning snack,
high protein yoghurt, (enough to get 30g protein) and mixed berries

500g turkey mince, asparagus, carrots, onion all mixed together. Add what ever sauce makes it more edible for you, then add a carbohydrate like rice, potatoes etc. Split up into two servings to eat at two points during the day

100g nuts and dried fruit mix, consume throughout the day

what ever junk you like

before bed
same shake as morning but with 50g oats

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Brother thank u so much. I will start this plan from tomorrow morning. Can u tell me please in this plan how much calories i will take?

I’ve not done the maths and it would depend on what evening meal you eat but I would put it around 3500-4000ish, the majority of which being good clean calories. With the right training I would be surprised if you needed any more calories than the above, but with anyone trying to gain size if the scale don’t move, eat more.

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