Rate my Physique 2.5 Years of Training (Natural)

Thought id share my progress of 2.5 yrs of hard work. Stats are 6’2" and 215 lbs

Wow 2.5years you have done exceptionally well!

Can I ask your start weight and what you are weighing right now.

Thanks bro.
Start weight was around 180 bulked up to 220 in 2 years than cut 5 lbs and that’s where im currently at.


I’ve given up asking… No one seems to care about those large slabs of untapped muscle that thanklessly holds people up and moves them around all day :sleepy:

I mean, I just asked. I’m sorry it’s a sensitive subject for you.

I actually do train legs harder than any other muscle group :weary:

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wait whats wrong with his legs? looks proportionate to me…

He edited his post a few times. Original had no legs, so I asked “Legs?”
Then he posted legs.

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Phenomenal results for 2.5 year natty