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Rate My Physique, 18 Y/O

75kg 5ft 8

Nothing to rate. Add more muscle everywhere and come back in a year.

I think you have a bit to work with. Good shoulder to waist ratio.

You need to lose the puppy fat over the next year or so.

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I think it’s mostly bad lighting as this is at the same weight but I do think I am adding a little more fat now I’ve got to 75kg, I can squat 160kg haven’t 1RMed on Bench recently but last time it was 92.5kg and DL 140kg all Raw too but I don’t think that is so bad to say I hit a major plateu for months then I discovered DUP lol

Not sure if you’ve been looking at my Training log but I think I’ve done really well I’ve gone from 55kg to 75kg very fast and I’m around 15% bodyfat average measurements have shown as I can’t afford a dexa scan and frankly I’m not fussed if I get a little blubber it keeps me warmer here in Britain… I had a glance over your training log, You struggle at 70kg for 10 on Romanian Deadlift and I do 100kg for 10 on a moderate day I also saw your progress pics and there’s not really much on you yourself what gives with the pop shots my girl can do 60kg for 10 slowly on Romanian Deads and she has almost been training for 3 months?..

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Don’t get so mad mate.

I think your lifts are good. However you squat more than you can deadlift so I’m not sure if it’s either an imbalance or a matter of proper form.

Anyhow, to really rate proportions, it’d be easier if you shed some fat. It’s really hard to tell right now. From what I see, it’s quite proportional.

Since you’re not after numbers but rather a physique, I’d say emphasize a little more on the chest It looks like it lags behind a little.

Back shots would be nice too.

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Woahh chill out bruh. Its true though, if i was to post in rate my physique I’d get the same answer i gave you. Which is to add mass everywhere. Why did this offend you? You posted in rate my physique so i replied honestly.

Theres not really weak points to assess because everywhere is weak.

Lol u got roasted. Nevertheless hypocrisy does not invalidate a point.


This isnt a dick measuring contest. Learn to keep a level head, even if the criticism is very blunt. The way duke worded it was very crude, but he isnt wrong. Overall you still have alot to work, This is a good starting point, so keep working on it. More buff and less fluff.

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Example of good criticisim he added what’s good and what I can improve on that’s what I’m looking for but haven’t 1RMed on DL yet as I’m doing DUP so I’ll see what it is also here is a back pic but it was from almost a month ago so I will have to see it now and I’m just after numbers but a decent physique so I think I’m going to shred down once I get over 80kg so I can get to a lean 80kg, and may have to add chest hypertrophy work.

I think your chest is in proportion. Do you do any lat work? Lagging a long way behind IMO

Yeah after seeing the back pic I digress. The chest is alright. Back needs some work.

Yeah I’ve been implementing it into my plan because I like the look of them the first pic I was trying to flex them but I had a bad camerawoman lol

Would it be possible for you to use punctuation? I can’t follow anything you’re writing.


why are you consistently a dick for no reason? Of course there’s something to rate. there’s definitely no reason to be a dick to someone who wasn’t a dick to you in the first place. He posted EXACTLY the type of pictures we always ask for in this forum, he didn’t make excuses or ask stupid questions. His original post is what we want in this forum. How many times do you have to be told to grow the fuck up before it penetrates your thick skull? Stop being so useless.

Your back is definitely weak. As others have said, everything can use work, but given what you’ve said about your lifts and your picture, you haven’t worked hard enough on it. Keep in mind, the back is capable of handling a bigger workload than most of the body. My guess is that you’re not pushing yourself hard enough in your back work, even if you’re following a good plan. Wok harder :slight_smile:

Your chest isn’t lagging. It’s proportional. Don’t be one of those guys obsessed with chest work. Building a bigger chest while neglecting other bodyparts never ends up working out the way people think it will. This was my experience early on. It doesn’t give you the aesthetic you think it will when you don’t have big shoulders and lats to go with it.


More Stir-fry = More Gainz

A simple solution to a difficult problem.



You’re a mental and emotional toddler.


Goddamn if this isn’t the truth.

Thanks man, I was the same as I started the forum you might remember lol, As for upper back thanks you opened my eyes on that topic and I’ve probabaly not but I am finishing the Hypertophy cycle of my plan and I feel like the front squat really helps build my upper back dont know if I’m right there… but I will definately put more focus on that

That’s another +3kg of bodyweight since the first back pic I might need some rear delt work too

I think after I will probably do lat work whilst I do Smolov Jr Bench that then I can put more focus into my Lats and Rear Delts, and I’ll put some research into training them.

After that I’m probabaly buy the actual 5/3/1 Book and try the real thing this time.

All in all thanks for the feedback.

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