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Rate My Physique. 18, Lifting 4 Years

18yrs old,170lbs,trainin for 4 years,1 year of brolifting and eating like an anorexic,1 year of heavy brolifting,and 2 years of powerlifting. My passion is powerlifting but i do enjoy bodybuilding as an art and as a hobby,so rate my shitty physique.

Looks good to me. What about your legs tho?

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They dont exist. Jk forgot to include them and my calves are non existent but heres a shot 20180716_161449

haha! What are thoooose?

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Mirin mid chest definition (do they use misc lingo here?), that’s what I’ve been working on, someone told me diamond pushups are good for that so I’ve incorporated those once in a while. Pretty good for an 18yo, keep at it bro.

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Looks good man, got to work them traps they look small or it’s just the pose or lighting not sure.

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As far as i know u cant target the inner part specifically,i definetely havent lol. Its just genetics and getting a bigger chest i guess

I think its just the angle but ye i def dont work them at all lol.

Your traps look fine, must have been the lighting.

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Mantis pose finally lookin good. Always wanted to be able to do a good one. Recomp has been working nicely.

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If I was in your shoes, I would continue to just keep doing what I was doing, but with slightly more emphasis on my triceps, hamstrings, lats, and calves.
The lats part might just be me though. I have been told that the physiques I like are too back dominant.
Anyways! You’re looking pretty good! Take my advice or not, you will still improve. Looking forward to more!

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You dont have to stay at that low bodyweight you know…maybe you should bulk for a year and youll look better.

Doing that.

As inferred, the ‘mid chest definition’ in the pic is genetic. It represents a gap between the manubrial and sternal insertions (heads) of the pec major. In BBing parlance a prominent indentation in this location is referred to as a ‘split chest,’ and is considered a negative trait. Franco Columbo had the same:

Physique Update,gained around 4kg/10lbs since i started the lean bulk. I think most of it has been muscle,hopefully. Quads gotten bigger,probably because of increase of frequency of front squatting. Idk tell me what yall think.

Looking good. Makes me regret I didn’t start lifting in my teens.

Great natural gains can be achieved at that age.

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Wait how tall are you?

6’2 or 190cm

Have gained like 12lbs since i started bulking. Going pretty good feeling like im getting bigger.