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Rate My Peanut Butter


PB is one my fav foods and im sure others here love it too.

But with so much junk in commercial PB, i wanted to see how u guys rate this new PB i found.

97% peanuts, palm oil and sea salt

Nutrition, per 100g:
10g C
50g F


nitpick much?


I would say just make sure it is natural. Meaning the only ingredients should be peanuts and maybe some salt. I don't know why palm oil would be in there (probably as an emulsifier). I would just stick to natural PB with just peanuts and salt.


Well, I guess you need oil to make it stick together?


Well, good natural peanut butter should separate. That is how you know it is truly natural. At least this is what I gather from Berardi and some others talking about it. Just stir it before you use it and then keep it in the fridge.


What do YOU think?


You guys should check out Smart Balance's natural peanut butter. They use flax seed oil to keep it together. Every serving has 1 gram of omega-3. Not bad tastes good too and no need for refrigeration.


I LOVE PEANUTBUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I go to heaven George Washington Carver will be getting a HUGE man hug from myself! The guy was awesome! I eat 10-14 tbls. a day, but now I'm cutting for summer & am only using 1 tbls. chunky Natural kind with the oil on top stuff with my morning blender bomb drink that I make. The Smart Balance brand sucks ass IMO.


Ingredients should only say Peanuts and maybe salt but most likely just peanuts.


I eat Skippy's chunky peanut butter. It is the best! I need to get Peter Pan and JIF and compare the two, because I want to know which is the second best.