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Rate My Overall Physique :)


I don't really have any before photos, to show you what I came from, but I started off really scrawny. I've been drinking two whey protein shakes a day, one when I wake up and one when I go to bed. I've been trying to take in about 200 grams of protein a day, increase my chromium level intake so my extra sugars don't go to waste, and drinking tons of water. I've mainly just been hitting my upper body here recently, but I'm gonna start on my legs too shortly though to promote the stimulation of more types of hormones to get my chest fuller. Tell me what you guys think, and where I can make improvements in my overall physique and dieting.

Sorry I don't really have a lot for you all to go by, but it's all I have for now, I'll get some new pics up soon hopefully. I'm not sure if my image uploaded, but its the same picture thats my default on here so go by that if it didn't work.


So your first post ever is in RMP? Not only that but you disregarded all the forum rules as listed in the stickied thread and the picture you provided is fully clothed. Welcome to the Nation, enjoy your stay.




sorry, and ya, this is my first post ever. i didn't see the rules page and im sorry for posting this, i should have read, and if i would have known this i wouldn't have posted this. i guess i was just kinda excited to start using this site, lol. my bad, won't happen again :slight_smile:


now that i read the rules i got some more pics, didn't know you had to have those.. =/


here's another


ill get some pics of my wheels when i get back later


Wanna post what your diet/training is?


You sure can. Get to it.


i know im gonna get yelled at for this, but i haven't really taken my dieting so seriously. Thats probably the central part of my problem with having difficulty bulking up. One day I might have fast food, then the other, tuna on wheat bread. Im just now starting to eat better though, I've been trying to take in about 200 calories a day.


i don't know why in the hell i said 200 calories.. i meant grams of protein haha


Specific goals (weight, inches on body parts, body fat% etc) ? Hard to give concrete advice because we don't really know what you want. Cheers.


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