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Rate My Meal Plan


I know this is the training section, but i thought it would be best to post this under beginner.
I just need to know about my Meal plan: if it's good, alright, or totally crap!

Meal 1:
-One whole egg, egg whites (of 3 eggs)
-plain oatmeal, 1/2 cup

Meal 2:
- Chicken wrap
(Whole wheat tortilla, one chicken breast, salsa)

Meal 3:
- One granola bar
- one banana

- 1/2 blueberries
- handful of almonds

Meal 4: (post workout)
- whey protein
- rice cakes
- 1 1/2 tblespoons peanut butter

Meal 5:
- one chicken breast (approx. 6 oz.), OR steak (approx. 8 oz.)
- 2 servings of broccoli

Any advice would be appreciated.


I also take a multi, and fish oil pills in the morning with breakfast.


What are your goals? and how much do u weight? It seems to me like you arent eating enough, you have good food choices, but i would probably double those amounts if your trying to gain weight/muscle


Trying to cut down.

I'm 230, 5'11".
I've played football all throughout highschool. so i've been bulking and trying to get as big as possible. Now that my senior year is done, im trying to cut down and lean out, while saving as much mass as possible.


I'm trying to cut.

I'm 230, 5'11".

Playing football throughout highschool, I've bulked up. now that my senior season has concluded, i'm trying to cut down, or lean out. without losing a lot of muscle mass, of course.


If you're cutting, drop the oatmeal, drop the granola bar, drop the whole wheat tortilla. Eat the banana post workout when you actually need the insulin spike. Add some healthy fats like olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, wild salmon, walnuts, sardines where you can. Doesn't look like you're getting nearly enough calories for your size. You should also think about doubling or even tripling your daily protein intake if you want to preserve lean body mass.

Add a few more protein shakes throughout the day. Why egg whites? Why not just eat 4 eggs? You're missing alot of good stuff in the yolks by not eating them. If you're worried about the cholesterol because you heard it was "bad," read a few of the nutrition articles on this site. You can never go wrong with eggs and bacon for breakfast. Lastly, when you're cutting fat, it's crucial to get as many nutrients from veggies as you can pumping through your system. Try to get a serving or two of veggies with each meal, and/or try adding greens supplement like Superfood.


okay. very helpful. thanks.