Rate My Lifting .. Beast Project

@Christian_Thibaudeau i wanted to ask about the new lift u added… the dual cable corss over kneeling pull down the one for the lats. >>.How to Get Better Lat Development
by Christian Thibaudeau
i got feq questhions… reps and sets for these…
and can i do it 1 arm at a time so wont use the whole machine…
when doing it… should i retract and dpress my shoulder?

Honestly at your level focus on more basic exercises, this is a finishing touch movement for those who already have built a lot of muscle


at my lvl… okay how do u think i should lift? if not foucsing on lat is main thing
doing full body worouts 3 days a week like squat bench and deadlif 5x5 isnt really fun to me…
so im here looking for ur advice …
foucs on big basic lifts… i bench and i squat and i babrell row…
but the porblem is i do lots more variation of it … and here where i get lost

@Christian_Thibaudeauim im doing 5 3 1 bbb… bench and squat is fine but deadlifts every time i lower hips it tuks under… causes lower back round … i was told i have tight hips…so i dont compete and im not forced to deadlift as i only do it for strnjth and size … can u suggest a replacment for it

Why not ask Jim Wendler since you decided to do his program?

idk i wanted to ask u

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The deadlift is a basic human pattern that everybody should be able to do, except if injured. If you cannot do it with proper technique it means that you have mobility problems that need to be fixed. Fix your problem instead of keeping it and looking for another exercise.

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okay … when deadlift am i suppose to feel my hamstring loaded… like same feeling in rdl ?

You say you lose your lower back arch due to hip mobility (hip flexor tightness). Work on that.

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Yes the hamstrings should be somewhat loaded but I cannot make recommendations with a video of you deadlifting

i didint show u any vid…but just an idea… if deadlift were a normal human pattern then why its so hard to learn…
when i asked for other lift it was because one of the article on t nathion said sumo deadlift require less hip mobilty… so i thought maybe i can use ti or squat stance dead instead… not being lazy or any thing cuz i know i need to pull from floor

thats what i meant actually…

It is very easy to learn. Tens of thousands of people do it. If you can’t do it then you were either taught the technique wrong or have a mobility issue preventing you from reaching the correct position. In which case instead of looking for an easy way out, why not fix the problem?

There are no universal exercises that you have to do. But I hate it when someone refuse to fix something fixable with his body.

Again, ask Wendler. It’s his program. I do not comment on other coaches programs. I can tell you that in MY programs when I write “deadlift” the person is free to select the deadlift variation they want.

Do what you want. I wont answer this thread anymore. Sorry.

My suggestion was:

  1. Every normal non-injured body can technically perform a deadlift.

  2. If you cannot do it it means that there is something functionally incorrect with your body.if you cant maintain a proper position in the bottom of a deadlift, then it is almost impossible that your position in the bottom of a squat is correct… you may think it is, but it isnt. And if your squat position IS correct then you are capable ode deadlifting, you just learned wrong.

  3. I believe that when you find a functional problem with your body you should fix it because in my experience it will eventually lead to a more serious problem.

So my recommendation is to fix your problem, learn to deadlift correctly and when your body is at least functional enough to do a correct deadlift THEN decide if you prefer to do another lift.

If you don’t like my suggestion go ask someone else.

this might sound silly but can u give me name of ur pograms that u made for biggners?
goal is 1-size 2- be strong gernally
just wanna kick ass in bench n squat

I dont have a beginner program

well okay then basic lifts r enough and im doing it… eating enough clean just adjusting caloirs… and seing how it goes
untel then i think of trying rack pulls… of plates cuz no blocks in gyms in egypt so i will make it with plates… to elvate bar an see how it goes

@Christian_Thibaudeau hey there coach… i got questhino about ur new article best dam plan for nutral bodybuilder…
the idea of doing workout this way… is it still hard work? i mean really only 1 lift per muscle gruop a day is enough to make it huge?
i dony need 4 curl for biceps to make it big just 1 a day ?? looks good but is it enough