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Rate My Lifting .. Beast Project

befoe and after photo of me and other photos is all right now… what u think … this is me cutting for like 8 month… all this is 8 month work… eating clean… keeping protien around 170 or something… was 225 lbs now im 180… digtial scale said 14 %fat… squat 105 kilo 3 reps… bench 85 kilo for 8 reps… i dont deadlift… no cardio were ever done… guide me

You should probably move it to under Rate My Physique.

i was looking for hes advise…

This is the CT forum

I believe he is looking for validation and approval and thumbs up from CT.

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Thumbs up…

Seriously I’m not a cheerleader. I’m a coach, I can answer training questions and will give advice but I’m the wrong guy to ask to a pat on the back

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@Christian_Thibaudeau WELL ya im here to show u what i did and what u think of it… im hre to ask u for guide… cuz i know u can help me…

If you want me to help, ask specific questions

Yes chest/nipple looks puffy, odd, why?

@Christian_Thibaudeau according to my photos… should i keep cutting or bulk now…? and i never did cardio… do i need any?idk my abs showing now full 6 pack and i never did ab work… i only brace it while squat and it showd…also…i trying to ask all i wanna ask in 1 reply so i wont annoy u… i just need ur guide really bad as i really wanna be somebody at lifting…becoming stronger and bigger makes me happy. i weight now 179…i bench 195 for 8 reps no spottor… is that good?if u were my tariner would u be proud ?and thank u for reply
@Sigil idk what u mean i try to fix chest but i dont know if it wokring

In these 3 sentences you are asking for something I do not give: cheerleading. I’m not here to make you feel good about yourself. I’m here to answer specific training questions.

“Wanting to be somebody in lifting” is a wrong attitude. You should do it to improve yourself, not to earn the respect of others.

Is benching 195lbs for 8 reps at 180lbs any good? Compared to what? That would give you a max of about 240lbs at 180. Is tht good? It depends. If you only look at the numbers it’s pretty average/normal for someone who trains. But I would not say it’s strong. I trained a guy who at a bodyweight of 171lbs could bench press 425lbs. I know a few girls who can bench press 225-245lbs, and not big girls. So 195x8 is not what I would call strong.

At 180lbs I would consider 240lbs to be average, 275-285lbs is decent and 335lbs and above would be strong.

To give you an idea, the best bench press (without special equipment) at 181lbs is 555lbs, so I would not say that 240 (195x8) is strong.

BUT unless you are the best in the world you will always find someone stronger than you. Which is why you should look at your progress not on what others are doing.

If when you started you only benched 105lbs and now are doing 195x8, then you are strong compared to what you were.

Would I be proud? I never look at numbers when it comes to being proud of a client. I’ve trained a lot of people who have benched in the 400-500 range and some who have lifter 365-400lbs over their head. I’ve trained bodybuilders that competed in pro bodybuilding competitions. So if I only looked at number I would not be proud of any normal person because they would always fall short of the top guys I worked with.

That’s why what makes me proud is effort and dedication. The client I’m the most proud of is a 45 years old father of 4 children who owns his own business and works 60-70 hours a week. Whe we started working together he could only bench press 135lbs and after one year he was benching 315.

But I will tell you one thing: I have NEVER been proud of a client who was beggin me to get compliments. This indicates weakness and I normally refuse to work with such people.

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@Christian_Thibaudeau well that was amazing reply… thank u so much… [quote=“Christian_Thibaudeau, post:11, topic:217278”]
I’m not here to make you feel good about yourself

wasnt looking for that… was only trying to ask did i do good work in 8 month work ? u know i been eating clean for 8 month… been eating junk and tons of it for 20 years… ppl see me and say i am not even the same person…[quote=“Christian_Thibaudeau, post:11, topic:217278”]
If when you started you only benched 105lbs and now are doing 195x8, then you are strong compared to what you were.

first time i tried to push something was at age 16 and was my body weight [ush up and i couldnt do it… empty bar was hard to bench… i was really obese… u see old photo…[quote=“Christian_Thibaudeau, post:11, topic:217278”]
But I will tell you one thing: I have NEVER been proud of a client who was beggin me to get compliments. This indicates weakness and I normally refuse to work with such people.

i really dididnt ask or BEG for good words from any one i only tried to know… could do better? i try to always lift smart and eat good… was i doing it right… u thinking i did bad or good wont make me win any thing :slight_smile: i had the dream of liftng that weight on bench for years… and i finally did it… and i asked is it good number …nothing else was in my mind

my story is i dont wanna do bulking and cutting thing… i wanna be clean eating and clean gaining muscle all the life i got…but i still got some fat… can i do so.?
for my serious taken lifting time the 8 month should i try to do strength rounds like barbell complex? like squat then row then press etc… would it be beinfitual for me
@Christian_Thibaudeau the things i wanna ask is like for general knowledge for me… like if i was trying to gain muscle should i not do cardio… this is always confusing me as some say no and some say yes… so no one got ur knowldge and i really wanted to ask u…

Yes but it will take you longer to build muscle and gain strength.

Understand that losing fat and gaining muscle are almost oppsite since one requires a caloric deficit (losing fat) and the other requires a caloric surplus (gaining muscle).

Because you where an out of shape beginner you were able to do both at the same time because your body was super responsive to training and not used to quality eating. But you will find that as you get more advanced doing both at the same time becomes very difficult, if not impossible.

You CAN add a small amount of muscle and lose a small amount of fat at the same time. So yeah, you can get the body you want by doing both at the same time. But it will take you a lot longer.

But I understand where you are coming from. When you were really fat you do not want to go back to being fat. I understand that. I cannot tell you what to do. You have to make your own decision based on what is the most important to you.

BTW when I do not lik the term bulking myself. I don’t believe in it. However to build muscle at the fastest pace possible you need ample calories and that might lead to some fat gain. Ideally you would gain very little fat when you go on a muscle-building phase, that’s why you have to be smart with your food choices and quantity.

It’s not something I really like. I prefer to use lifting strictly to build strength and size. If you are trying to do too many things with the same tools you will get poor results.

A better choice would be loaded carries. Farmer walks, Zercher carries, overhead walks as well as sprints or prowler pushing.

Cardio can slow down muscle gains. But if you do not do too much of it, it’s fine. It’s not something I do when trying to build muscle but some keep some cardio in when trying to build muscle. Personally I would stick to loaded carries and sprints when trying to build muscle

@Christian_Thibaudeau ur reply means alot to me… thanks so much… so if i wanna do cardio just to impve my lunges and breathing… will 2 days be enough.,. cant do srpoitns no place for it… can ido something like tabta… using body weight moves or osomething… and my insulin thingy if i still carry fat does it mean my insulin is resisitnt?? or i just still bigginer… gone from no dips at all to 12 easy now… pull up still hard after 8 month but i can finally do 3 of it… for me first time pull up was a goal achived and a big one too… can do like 7 close grip nutrual grip pull up now too

@Christian_Thibaudeau i got few qusthions…
floor press … does it build size to chest… and if so can u guide me with it like reps and set
now… muscle faliure… can i gain without it or is it a must…
side delt raise… this one related to faliure questhion… can i just do it like 4 set of 12 and stop[ or must be faliure… i try to not use traps… but if it kicks in it would make side delt not growing?
i ask this cuz side delt is kinda lagging … front is okay and rear is okay for now too…

Not that much. The DB bench press is a better exercise strictly to build the chest.

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You shouldn’t go to failure on all exercises. Big compound movements for example, you shouldn’t go to failure,. Anyway, failure on a big lift like squats or deadlifts is never due to muscle failure but to a loss of posture/position, break in technique, or general fatigue preventing you from completing the lift.

But for isolation exercises I believe that you should go to muscle failure for maximum gains