Rate My Lean Bulk Workout Plan

Goal- Gain steady strength and lean mass. Specifically in my squat and bench. I really want a strong squat and big legs. If i can maintain my current bench press I would be happy. But I’m really after that strong squat and huge quads.

Workout approach-
I have never created my own workouts, and this is my first time doing so, so I would really like to know what some people think.
I have never seen a program run like this. It may seem unordanary but I will try to explain by the end. Here are some points I considered

-My recovery sucks because of my labor job and
family lifestyle. As a result I am drained everyday, and even physically get sick every other month while doing any conventional workout routine I have tried in the past.
-Because of recovery, this new plan does not deadlift anymore at all (But I might deadlift once every 2 months for fun)
-My legs have 3 days to recover and my chest has 3 days to recover between each workout.

  • If I feel really tired and stressed I am simply going to skip the workout and do it the next day. If I choose to skip a day, I must commit to doing it the next day (to maintain good habits.)

    I like to keep things simple. So I made 3 basic workouts. And using progressive overload. If I complete the sets I add weight, if I fail twice I start back at week 1

A) Leg day (moderately heavy) also a workout I read Mark berry used to do

Squat- 225lbsx8 225lbsx8 135lbsx20
(One set of 100lbsx15 overhead press before workout)

B) Bench, and some pull day (moderately heavy)
Bench 3x5 with 205lbs
Dumbbell bench 3x5
Weighted dips 3x6
Weighted pull ups 3x6
Barbell curls 3x10

C) Push and pull (Light hypertrophy / pump)
150 push ups
75 pull ups

I would workout every other day like this

Sunday - squat

Monday- off

Tuesday- light chest and back

Wednesday- off

Thursday- squat

Friday - off

Saturday -heavy bench

Sunday- off

Monday- squat

Tuesday- off

Wednesday - light chest and back


Soo, does this seem pretty solid?

5’ 6"
Lifting for 5 years 2 years more serious (always natural)

Bench 250x1
Squat 290 recent /315 1yo
Deadlift 350

Probably not the best program for your goals. My recommendation is that you take the time and do some research on this site regarding recovery and some methods that will help you reach the goals you have regarding a better squat and bigger legs. There are some great coaches writing articles on this site. The programs they take the time to write are free. I suggest you follow one.

I probably will if this fails… I just thought I would try my own thing. I’ve been following programs to the t for years now and I haven’t made much progress for the amount of time I put in. Some of them have worked great but then I end up over trained and sick because of my job and life.

If you or anyone have any suggestions for people with terrible recovery, I am open for learning/researching. But until then i plan on trying this for a while.

Fair enough give it a try. And in terms of recovery consistent sleep, stretching, mobility and better nutrition has worked the best for me.

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