Rate My Friend (Female)

I am posting this for a friend. She is 33 y/o and has 2 kids. She has an office job, but typically exercises 3-4 days per week. She was doing P90X, but felt she was getting too “manly” (her words). She does having naturally muscular legs (especially calves). Anyway, she got so turned off by strength training (due to developing muscle) that now all she does is jog and some type of ab program.

I have encouraged her to continue lifting weights (focusing predominantly on upper body), but she is being stubborn. I told her she should post here to get unbiased feedback and she finally relented, though only one photo. Anyway, she is looking for comments/feedback for areas of improvement.


She doesn’t look manly. She looks overweight.

You are missing a number of required photos for “Rate My Physique”. And doesn’t the title “Rate MY Physique” suggest that the OP is the owner of the physique being rated? I hope she knows you are doing this for her.

I think she looks sexy.

[quote]buckeye girl wrote:
She doesn’t look manly. She looks overweight.

You are missing a number of required photos for “Rate My Physique”. And doesn’t the title “Rate MY Physique” suggest that the OP is the owner of the physique being rated? I hope she knows you are doing this for her.[/quote]
You need your eyes checked she isnt over weight at all but this is a body building site and not the place for this thread.

Buckeye Girl,

How about some specific CONSTRUCTIVE criticism?
And yes, the woman gave me permission to post…but only 1 photo.


My apologies. I though T-Nation was a fitness/performance/strength training site…not strictly bodybuilding.

As a female athlete that competes in sports centered around lifting weights, I have no advice for a woman that quit doing P90X because she was building muscle and thinks that muscle makes you look manly. Diet, cardio, AND STRENGTH TRAINING are all essential to build a nice physique. If she’s not willing to address all 3 of those things, she’s wasting her time.

What’s the point of critiquing a physique of a woman that isn’t interested in lifting weight and doesn’t plan on competing in anything? It looks to me like the goal of this thread was to have a bunch of dudes on the internet tell her how hot she is. She is not posing in a manner in which her physique can be judged. And what, exactly, is the point of the high heels? If you/she really wanted to her physique to be rated, she would at least be doing a front double bi, or front relaxed pose in the one pic you were allowed to post, and there should have been a rear pic as well.

Put up the appropriate pics and maybe you’ll get an appropriate response.

P90X was making her too ‘manly’? -lol Sure, I can see how many people are just blowing up into mass monsters from jumping around like Tony Horton. Now there’s a guy who has to be careful or he’ll get too big!

Seriously though, girl in the original posting looks like a run of the mill chick. Maybe she has some bulk in her legs from being heavier at some point, but she doesn’t look like she trains at all. No arm tone, midsection is totally soft, and I agree with Buckeye, this sounds to me like a “tell me how hot I am/stroke my ego” post.


I think that she is actually you. It appears you’ve just registered an account(3/3 posts in this thread) so why wouldn’t your ‘‘friend’’
have registered an account of her own? I mean that’s the same effort…

What it comes to picture your ‘‘friend’’ looks good. But there’s not all the pictures needed.

I think her legs are too short

Legs are her best feature. I think she could build them UP into something awesome and sexy. They are probably great legs for a regular girl. If she wants to look like a regular girl with bood legs, she;s doing it right.

Everything else just looks average and non athletic to me but she is not overweight IMO… and is just fine for dating and attracting men. Especially if she has a pretty face to go with it.

The aesthetic that this forum critiques is not one that your friend finds attractive. Plenty of women don’t. Us telling her she doesn’t have a physique she doesn’t want isn’t going to make her want to lift. She has the type of figure that the majority of men find VERY APEALING AND SEXY. The kind that gets critiqued for free everytime she walks past a construction site. Its just not a fitness or b b physique so I’m not sure what feedback you wanted us to give her.

This isn’t hot or not. I suspect she’s hot (sorry need face to be certain) beyond that, wrong forum. Take her to SAMA. OR another website.

In my opinion, she’s carrying some excess BF… but hey, more cushion for the pushin, for some that’s “hot” i guess.

I concede that this might not be the best forum for this pic. I have been a long time reader of T-Nation and have great admiration for the authors of the articles and the no non-sense feedback from the posters.

That is why I encouraged my friend to let me post here. I wish she would’ve allowed more photos. Maybe in due time. I warned her ahead of time that she would get brutally honest feedback and I was right. Thank you to those that have given constructive criticism (Hallowed and others).

decent looking 33 yo woman quite average for someone not fat. No muscle tone is is right tho. and hahahahahaha at the P90x and manly thing.

I think her lack of a face will hurt her in the long run.

Looks like she hasn’t worked her body much at all. Her legs look defined because of the shoes and pose.

If she wants criticism and advice she first has to be comfortable getting it.

So ya…she hasn’t even started so nothing to critique.

She looks like a normal woman. I see no reason to post her picture on this site. At least not in the category.

Sexy body, wrong forum.

She is hot and it isnt easy to train when you have kids so i think more of her.

Bikini model

I’d have intercourse with her.