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Rate My Fat Loss Plan

Hi everyone,

First post here, forgive the newbie.

I am 24 years old. Turning 25 in May. I have been working out everyday for 2 years now. Went from 240ibs at 6" to 220-230 varying. Before those 2 years I was just a casual 2-3 times a week working out and not really knowing what I was doing. I am not too worried about my workout routine as I have trainers and friends help me out on that. I do 15 minutes cardio at the start of my daily workout doing HIIT (walk at 4.5 pace and run at 9.0 pace) on the threadmill. 2 minutes walk and 1 minute running. I then do 1 hour of weight lifting. My routine is split in 4. Back/Bicep, Chest/Tricep, Shoulders/Core and Legs/Deadlifts. I practice Muay Thai on my rare days off maybe twice a month)

My last InBody impedance scan showed the stats below. (measurements in pounds)
Water weight: 125.7
Dry lean mass: 46.5
Bodyfat mass: 49.7
Weight: 221.9
Skeletal muscle mass: 99.7
BMI: 30.1
Percentage bodyfat: 22.4
Lean body mass: 172.2
Base metabolic rate: 2056

Recommended changes by InBody:
Lose 19.4 pounds of body fat
Gain 0 pounds of lean mass

Over the past year I have lost 10 pounds of bodyfat and gained no muscle mass. I am happy with the muscle result as I am aware that it is extremely hard to put on muscle when your main goal is to reduce bodyfat. However, I want to step up my game as I dont think 10 pounds of bodyfat should take an entire year to lose. Granted that I lost alot of progress over excessive drinking due to depression in the summer(Doing much much better, only drink once a month now) and approximate 9 days of Christmas over eating.

My goal would be to get down to 15% bodyfat while maintaining most if not all of my muscle mass. I believe that would coincide with InBody’s recommendation of losing 19.4 pounds of bodyfat.

Limitations: I am not making this thread to get bashed by internet trolls but I simply will not put vegetables in my diet. I love all fruits but simply will not do vegetables. If all you are going to do is repeat what my parents told me a million times as a child then please keep your comments to yourself. See below supplements taken to attempt to make up for lost nutrients.
Also, I am allergic to almost everything that comes out of the ocean.

Daily supplements:
1000IU of vitamin D (I dont get much sunlight in the winter)
2 caps of multi vitamin supplement
2 caps of fish oil
1 capsule of fat burner/metabolism pill with caffeine
1 scoop of acai berry green tea flavour for vegetable nutrients (25 calories)
1 scoop of C4 Ultimate before workout
1 scoop of creatine mixed with my C4
1 scoop of BCAA’s in my water bottle during workout

Meal plan: (Yes, I eat the exact same thing every single day and it does not bother me. I work 12 hours in an office every single day so I am a creature of habit.)

2x XL egg
2x Ham slice
1.5 Slices of fat free cheese
1 tablespoon of precooked bacon bits

Total:300 cal, 32g protein, 7.5g carbs, 16.5g fat

Mid morning snack:
1 Oatmeal & honey protein bar by AvoineDoree (Quebec company)

Total: 240 calories, 20g protein, 32g carbs, 9g fat

2x Chicken breast with salt and pepper
2 tablespoons of 6% low fat sour cream

Total: 195 calories, 32g protein, 5g carbs, 4.5g fat

Late afternoon meal(Supper)
8oz sirloin steak cooked with salt and pepper and a light spray of PAM on a nonstick skillet

Total: 550 calories, 61g protein, 0g carbs, 32g fat

Post workout:
1 scoop of Micellar casein protein

Total: 140 calories, 24g protein, 5g carbs, 2g fat

Optional: Choose 1 per day
1 slice of multigrain bread (100 calories, 4g protein, 16g carbs, 2g fat)
1/2 cup of mashed potato (105 calories, 2g protein, 14g carbs, 5g fat)
1 Gala apple (80 calories, 0g protein, 25g carbs, 0g fat)

Doing a lot of physical exercise at work if I don’t eat I am gonna die meal:
1 Grenade carb killa protein bar (217 calories, 23g protein, 1.5g carb, 8.2g fat)

Daily Total:
1555 calories for a ~500 deficit
174g protein (56% of my nutrients)
66g carbs (21% of my nutrients)
69g fat (22% of my nutrients)

No I dont get overly hungry. I feel surprisingly good since I started using supplements. Do I need more protein to maintain muscle? I am a fairly picky eater with weird habits but I am all ears for non veggie suggestions or changes as I would like to reach my goal in a reasonable time frame. I think I put down all the relevant information. Let me know if I missed anything please!!!

During WW2, an experiment was conducted to simulate POW’s diets. The volunteers where given a semi starvation diet of 1560 calories a day and hard labour. (Minnesota Experiment)


Eat, ffs. And you are not 12. Grow up. Eat your veggies. And Acai and green tea is not a vegetable supplement.

You do not need fat burner right now. Keep it for when you reach near 10% BF.

Real food in your plan:
Chicken, steak, egg, ham

Supplements/fake food in your plan:
fat free cheese, precooked bacon bits, casein protein powder, protein bars, acai tea powder, pre/post workout supplements, and the list goes on…

I’m not saying supplements don’t have a place in one’s overall training/eating plan, but your ratio is way skewed. Eat real food! Do you know anyone who looks healthy, strong, and vibrant and has achieved it with a steady diet of fake cheese, green tea powder, and protein supplements? Eat: meat, veggies, nuts, potatoes, fruit, eggs, fish, etc… No scoop of powder is going to make up for the lack of real food in your diet.

why? not flaming, genuinely curious

correct. if training 5, let alone 7 days a week, at your age this could/should happen in like a month

I wasn’t a big fan of veggies too. And, from my experience, I can say that they can make a big difference in a well structured diet plan. Drop the all those supplements, you only need BCAA pre-intra workout, creatine (I love it) and eventually protein powder. 1-2 cups of coffee are a better choice than fat burning pills.
Eat, eat, eat. Right foods at the right time. Don’t be scared! 1500 kcal are ridicolously low!

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I have never heard anyone say that casein protein and CytoGreens were bad for you?

I have followed studies that showed only positive results for body composition if casein was consumed post workout.

CytoGreens is a blend of vegetable powders. acai and tea is simply the flavour as it could of been blue razz or strawberrywatermelon or whatnot.

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Simply cant handle it… the only time I can put them in my mouth without gagging and throwing up is if i cook brocoli or carrots in chicken broth and swallow them like a big pill or ice cube. Which is not practical at all when you work on the road 12hrs a day…and hurts my throat.

As stated previously, willing to do anything except veggies… except seafood which would result in an epipen in my leg or a trip to the ER.

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I dont drink coffee or tea. Working at tim hortons before college made sure of that.

To be honest, the only time I ever saw someone in real life have a transformation where they lost more than 1 pound of bodyweight a week is when the crazy russian guys did 20 day fast sessions. The only time i did any real progress is when I followed a program similar to the one in the original post. I went from 26pc bodyfat to 23 in 3.5 weeks. Any time I ever listen and “eat eat eat” I gain weight and make no progress whatsoever. Even when all I do is add a chicken and basmati rice meal or 2 apples or even scrambled eggs mid day…

I’m not saying they’re bad for you, simply that they cannot make up for the lack of real food in your diet.

Have you tried this, seeing as you have a strong aversion to veggies: take two big handfuls of baby spinach, some frozen blueberries, raw nuts, and Greek yogurt and place in blender. Add liquid (I like coconut water) and blend until smooth. You will not taste the spinach in the smoothie.

Yes I always get the mighty kale at Jugo Juice. However the only kitchen appliance I have access to 24 days of the month is a microwave…