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Rate My Dumbbell and Barbell Only Workout


hello guys, can't go to gym these days so I buy dumbbell and Olympic barbell
and not having enough money to buy a bench or rack etc..
so I make this workout

day NO1-chest and triceps
9 set weighted pushups
3 set dumbbell floor fly
3 set skull crusher
3 set dumbbell extension
3 set weighted dips

day NO2-back,rear delt and traps
5 set pull ups
4 set bent over row
4 set one arm dumbbell row
4 set explosive pendlay row to lower chest
4 set rear delt rise
5 set shrug

day NO3 rest

day no4 shoulder(front and middle) and biceps
3 set dumbbell press
3 set barbell military press
4 set side lateral rise
4 set barbell curl
3 set dumbbell curl
2 set hammer curl

day no5 legs
6 set front squat(by doing power clean then start front squat)
4 set barbell lunge
4 set dumbbell set up
6 set stiff leg deadlift
6 set calve rise

day no6 abs , forearms and cardio

day no7 rest

please rate it from 10
and can I gain the max muscle mass as I will do if iam following gym based workout routine
thanks,please help


i also train in my basement gym with dumbbells and barbells. i only have an adjustable bench and a weighted vest as an extra.

i think its not about what you have, its about what you do with what you have.

if you train with enough intensity, basic equipment will work just fine.

but if you can afford a bench and a rack, there is not much more you will need.


I just had to sign in to say that this looks very poorly constructed!