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Loose 2 Pounds A Week For 9 Weeks, then hop on the Velocity Diet.

Gained some extra weight from the buffet season, but gotta lean down. Sitting at 215 27% BF Going to try to get down to 180 By December 24th.

How (Diet):

Workout Days 200g Protein, 110g Carbs, 25g Fat (1510 Calories)
Non-Workout Days 200g Protein, 30g Carbs, 65g Fat (1510 Calories)

Workout Day
59g Oatmeal
140G Cottage Cheese.

60g Oatmeal
55g Mint Whey

50g Whey

280G Cup Cottage Cheese, 5g Fish Oil

400G Cottage Cheese, 5g Fish Oil

Non-Workout Day
5oz Egg Starts
2.5 Oz Chicken Breast
15g Olive Oil

5oz Egg Starts
1.5 Oz Chicken Breast
15g Olive Oil

4oz Chicken
15g Olive Oil

360g Cottage Cheese
10g Fish Oil

360g Cottage Cheese
15g Fish oil

Every Saturday, Last workout day is my refeed day. I intake 3540 Calories: 200g Protein, 650g Carbs.

Workout - Heavy Sets.
Monday - Chest (4 Exercises. 3x8) + Calves
Tuesday - Back (4 Exercises. 3x8) + Forearms
Wednesday - Legs (5 Exercises 3x10) + Calves
Thursday - Off
Friday - Shoulders (4 Exercises. 3x8) + Forearms
Saturday - Arms (6 Exercises 3x8) + Calves
Sunday - Off

Cardio= 28 Minutes in the evening. 3 Min Warm up/Cool down, 25 minute 15% incline fast walk.

R-ALA (Second Meal)
Fish Oil

As you may have noticed, CC is my main food, because I have read experiments where Casein has far out done Whey in hypocaloric situations, I think the CC will do a good job holding onto my muscle mass.


When will people learn?

You have:



Go and buy some frozen brocoli and eat some with every chicken breast/cottage cheese meal you so love and you might have a chance.

Cost you less than 50 fucking calories for a plate of frozen green vegetables!

And yes, thats a new PB for the number of times I said fuck in a post.


Fruit/Nuts/Vegetables aren't exactly a STAPLE in every cut diet, its not a must, as long as your not constipated, and get in your multivitamin daily.


Jesus H, yeah maybe they're not staples but you'd be an idiot to leave them out. This applies to all types of diets - the fibre alone is a HUGE reason to include vegetables.

Rely on a multivit to get vitamins? Supplements are there to SUPPLEMENT a diet, not replace it.


But fruit, nuts, and vegges will help keep you full longer and are chocked full of antioxidants. You probably know that though. Try some green veggies like the above poster mentioned with your last three meals. Spinach is the shit. Walnuts in place of a couple servings of olive oil will go a long way to stave off hunger. good luck.


Boy, you better put some spinach in those eggs!


I'm never hungry with the CC in my diet.

Trust me, I Was on the Anabolic Diet/Keto Diet, I know exactly what its like to live without "Fiber", but I don't wanna increase my calories anymore than its already at with walnuts and stuff that I don't need in a diet.

I may add some green beans to my diet or something, anothe 50 cals worth just to bring it up to 1600 cals a day, with a 3000 refeed day I guess.


Casein is good, and definitely better than whey, but meat is good too, and it has fewer carbs than CC (and most of the carbs in CC are sugars.)

That diet looks boring as hell to me. I mean, I did the VDiet, which is the boringest diet ever, but I think after 9 weeks of that, PLUS 4 weeks of the V, you are going to be ready to open a vein.

You don't need to punish yourself so severely to lose fat.

Also, by my count you are getting about 13g of fiber on workout days, and 0g on off days. That is not enough. You will feel a lot better if you are getting 30g/day. You will also feel fuller, longer, which is really important when you are hypocaloric.

If I were you, I'd eat meat instead of CC on the off days, and replace the CC carbs with green vegetables, some at every meal. I'd also have a piece of fruit (an a little less oatmeal) at breakfast on WO days. I'd also eat meat instead of CC for the PM meals on WO days, and again, replace the carbs w/ veggies. The volume of food you'll be eating will go up, it will taste better, AND you'll be getting all kinds of good micronutrients.

If you don't believe us, Berardi talks about the reasons why veggies are particularly important on a fat loss diet in his Get Shredded Diet article.


Its funny, you ask people to rate your diet and when they tell you its crap you get upset and try and explain yourself. Dude look at your diet, you are starving yourself, you have no veggies, no fruit. Try looking at some of JBs diet information, you will eat twice as much and still drop the same weight.


How am I starving myself? people have been doing similar diets for years now "Body for life" with even LESS calories and been getting good results. The refeed kick starts metabolism, and raises the leptin, starving would be being in a hypocaloric diet for along time.

DTLV, you're right, I am going to replace some of the CC on my off days with meat, and add some veggies to my diet. I don't wanna replace CC on my workout days, because I do cardio 2-3 hours AFTER my meal, and I wanna make sure Ive got some food in me (CC) to go through with it. Meat digests abit faster, and I don't wanna lose muscle doing cardio.


Do you not like to eat? Why would you punish yourself like this? I'm of the strong opinion that food is one of the basic pleasures in life. Plus the body likes variety. I don't know why people think disciplined cutting or bulking diets need to suck so much. You don't only have to eat grilled chicken for every meal.

If your goal is 1600 daily calories, I'd change it to a ballpark of 1500-1700 or 1400-1800 (as long as the range still keeps you in a significantly hypocaloric state). Use the daily wiggle room to spice up your menu a little bit (note: you can easily trick yourself into always eating at the high end of the range, so this requires more discipline than a very specific menu like you posted).

I know I'll probably catch shit for suggesting this, but being a couple hundred calories over or under at the end of the week as well isn't going to make a big difference in the long run. And it actually takes more truthful self evaluation doing it this way - the same way going heavy does. And this method keeps you sane.

One more caveat: Your carb level needs to stay the same, remember you're trying to keep your body in a fat adapted state. Your variations should be in proteins and fats only, and roughly equal amounts.

This is all just based on my own opinion / experience / learning. And none of this applies if you don't enjoy food. =)


Can you do cardio in the AM? I've found waking up, scoop of protein, low intensity cardio to be a very effective arrangement for fat loss, as have many others. Keep your HR low, I try to stay between 120 and 132.

Also, I think if you're carb cycling, you should cycle calories, too. More on workout days by about 300.

Finally, I think your total calories are too low. They are close to what you'd be doing on the V-Diet. The V-Diet is meant to be a short sharp shock. Restricting your calories that severely for three months runs the risk of fucking up your metabolism (see the recent article on MWA.)

If you are really 27% BF, you do not need to drop your calories that low to lose fat quickly, particularly at first. I would start out about 500 calories higher than where you are (maybe 50g protein more, and the rest fat) and adjust (slowly) as needed. I understand that you want to get results, but dieting too hard for too long can actually be counterproductive in the long run.


Well, Ive done all the math and stuff, and I know that it takes my body 1800 calories a day to lose 2 pounds a week (my goal). Now, I also know eating 1800 calories a day would result in slowing down my metabolism, and causing a low leptin level. So I figured dropping it down to 1500, and having a nice big refeed day once a week.

But, I'm actually gonna pump up my calories to 1800 on w/o days, and bring it down to about 1500 on non w/o days.


My biggest problem is having a shitty workout due to low carbs. So I only intake carbs on w/o days, but I don't know what kind of foods to eat on a "Refeed" day, I cant eat 3000 cals worth of protein to reboost leptin, or my metabolism.

Any ideas?


I re-wrote my diet for workout days. 1800 cals.

235g Egg Starts
64g Oatmeal


66g Oatmeal
55g Whey


225g Chicken Breast
200g Lettuce
5g Fish oil


100g Tuna
100g Lettuce
120g Chicken Breast
10g Olive Oil


8oz Cottage Cheese
100g Chicken Breast
5g Fish Oil


Do you want to get cancer as fast as you possibly can? Why don't you do a search on phytonutrients? Why don't you go on an ORAC diet? Why don't you listen to the smart people above who are trying to help you?

You are not helping your heart or body by leaving out fruits and vegetables.


you discuss and throw around vocab like "leptin" and the concept of refeeds, yet you lack the simple and important basics.

30 calories for a cup of chopped brocolli, less than that for celery, and the same for green beans.

Even if you're not constipated you need to learn about acidity in the body, and if you want to live a healthy life theres nothing wrong with vegetables.

CT, one of the most respected writers on T-Nation doesnt even count green veggies as carbs on restricted diets. He's damn ripped. I think if an esteemed trainer and author says its ok, it certainly will not ruin your precious Body for life diet.


So you anywhere close to 180 yet?


As Outrage247 said, you come asking for dieting advice then try to defend yourself when told its bad.

Listen to the advice above.

To quote an article on this very site "no one ever got fat from eating fruit"